Chanel NYC

Hi TPFers, I am a bit of a Chanel newbie from down under and am coming to NYC in Jan. :yahoo:I'm thinking about my next Chanel bag purchase...and am torn about whether to wait or buy now. Definitely cheaper to buy in the USA than here in Aus, but I'm just wondering about stock is like in NYC stores - can you usually get what you want -eg say I wanted the beige caviar jumbo classic flap bag with SHW - are you generally able to walk in and get the classic flap bags?

Many thanks in advance for your wise words!!


Apr 15, 2008
There is the timeless line (usually blacks and beiges), and then there are the seasonal ones (Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, Cruise... etc.). The timeless collection will usually be permanently available, though different boutiques obviously have different amounts of those bags in stock and you might sometimes have to wait for the next shipment to get the exact bag you're looking for if it is temporarily sold out. My advice to you is to call the boutiques you intend to visit a few days earlier to inquire about their inventory. You may also wish to place bags on hold but the SAs usually do so for only a day or so. HTH!
Aug 11, 2006
Not really sure what the stock is like in the stores. I personally make calls to an SA and they ship it to me. But just wanted to say that if the Chanel 57th Street store doesn't have anything you like, you could always walk a few blocks to Bergdorf Goodman and Saks on 5th Avenue since they both have Chanel sections within their stores. Or you could always try heading downtown to SoHo to the other Chanel store. Hope this helps!