Chanel NYC sale

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  1. I was in the Chanel store on 57th a few days ago with my daughter and we found some shoes and clothing on sale on the second floor. Our favorites were some very pretty black strappy evening sandals with small crystaly flower clusters all across the band above the toes and some darling flats. One in the great smokey gray blue shade my daughter says is so chic in NYC - and that a group of French women were flipping over. There was an assortment of other shoes as well, along with - believe it or not - rubber boots in bright colors. Very cool.

    No purses on sale that I could see, but there may have been some. We were in a hurry to get somewhere and just stole a moment to run through the store, so I failed to ask. Darn. I did ask the price of a drop-dead gorgeous alligator bag on display in a stand-alone glass pillar by the main floor purse counter. It had the most elegant, unusual chain made out of many small silver chains braided together. I was told that the Chanel jewelry department created it specially as a one of a kind - it looked it - and that it was $31,000, or was it $35,000, I forgot - sorry. But, it was beautiful.

    I hope the company decided to do more purses with that fabulous chain. It was so different than any I have seen and looked like it would be such a tactile pleasure to touch.

    Oh, and there was a lovely burnt orange lambskin classic bag there thrown in a mess on to a shelf with about twenty other bags, looking for all the world like all of them were in a jumble sale. Sadly, they weren't. Sigh....
  2. Can anyone tell me if you know where I can find the Chanel Cambon Pochette? I am interested in the black pochette with white CC. I know it is discontinued but trying to look for any place that has it around. Thank you
  3. Hi, this is an old thread from 2009. You should post this in our Chanel shopping forum, here you go:

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