Chanel now making face masks

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  3. Estée Lauder is also making sanitizers.
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  4. Neiman Marcus has teamed with JoAnn Fabrics here in the US to make masks and hospitals scrubs etc.
  5. This is lovely to see right now!
  6. That is very nice!
  7. like !
  8. I know!! I sent it to dh and was like “SEE!! Chanel does their part!! They’re good people DH!” And he looked at me funny and shook his head with a sigh. Then he read the article and said “I’ll take 2. But I don’t want Chanel written on mine, yours can.”
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  9. Ralph Lauren to make masks and gowns
  10. I hope they don't cost $200/each. :biggrin:
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  11. My thoughts exactly! lmao
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  12. A little off topic but Bruno Mars donated $1million do the MGM Foundation to help employees of MGM resorts continue to get payed. He has a residency at Park Theater in vegas. I thought that was lovely and now I'm dying to see him. I go to Vegas a lot and the people at the resorts are very good and hard working folks.
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  13. The masks and sanitizers are being donated to front line health care workers. They are not for selling to consumers.
  14. And donated $10million
  15. Vera Bradley is making face masks and scrubs. Hubby works at a TV station and saw an interview with the owner about it. Looks like they plan on selling them to consumers eventually.
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