CHANEL Nordstroms????

  1. Can anyone tell me which Nordstrom's sells CHANEL? I live in GA and none of ours do. TIA.
  2. The best thing to do is go to and go on livechat or call their 1800 number and ask them what Nordstrom stores have a chanel boutique. That's what i did to find out about the Nordstrom in my state (CA). What they told me was that Nordstrom Michigan Ave in Illinois, Nordstrom Mall of America in Minnesota, Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle, Nordstrom Topanga in Ca, and Nordstrom San Francisco all have Chanel boutiques inside. So call and find out!
  3. Thank you sooooooooo much. I really appreciate it. I did live chat yesterday and she told me I would need to go to my SA and ask her. But you have been a great to get my GST before the price increase. Do you know how much it's going to go up on Nov. 1?
  4. I was at the Saks Portland Chanel this weekend and I believe they had several GSTs. Nordy in Portland has a new Chanel boutique but I do not recall seeing any GSTs. I could be wrong since I was not looking for one. They claimed to be the largest Chanel handbag boutique in the Nordy chain and they had a lot of bags. It is bigger than Seattles, but Seattle is currently remodeling and I assume will increase in size.
  5. SF Nordstrom has Chanel? I had no idea! I will have to check it out!
  6. I think that three Nordstrom stores carry chanel:
    Mall of America, Minnesota
    Topanga, Calif
    Downtown Seattle

    The website has phone numbers. Hope this helps.:smile:
  7. Thanks again everyone...I'm going to meet with my SA soon and see if she can locate me one. Question...I've been reading a lot about defects...has anyone heard of any problems with the GST having any. I've never had any problems with any of my other designer bags and it kinda scares me to think that I could purchase a bag for $1895 before tax and it could have problems. Thanks ladies!!!!
  8. it most certainly does NOT! we have the worst nordstrom for handbags -- nothing good.
  9. TXGAGIRL- Any reason you want to get your GST from Nordstrom? Both Saks and Neimans in GA have Chanel boutiques and Saks is having another EGC event on Thursday.
  10. I'm not TXGAGIRL, I have a motive. I save up my Nordstrom Reward Points until I can justify spending nearly nothing on a bag. I got my first Chanel that way. Last week I bought my Bordeaux GST with two years worth of points and paid a little for sales tax. I dealt with a great Chanel team at Mall of America. I did the whole thing by phone. I traded the certificates at my local store for gift cards and did the transaction over the phone Wednesday evening. I had the bag Friday morning. I love Nordstroms and my points!
  11. How does this work? Do you get a gift card every time you purchase?
  12. Nordstrom has two credit cards. One of them is for the store only and the other is a VISA. Depending on your spending level, you get X points per dollar spent at Nordstrom and $1 for purchases anywhere else VISA is accepted. They have events with double (big sales) and 10x points (private shopping nights) points several times a year. They add up. It's a similar program to Neiman Marcus, but because I use the VISA for most of my purhcases, the points accrue pretty quickly and they do not expire.
  13. Thanks, Judy. I thought it was similar to Nm. So what can I buy with 2000 points? Can I buy a bag now?
  14. Not sure about Neiman Marcus. I think they have a catalog of gifts on their Inner Circle website. I had 1800 Nordstrom dollars which translated into $1800 for my GST. I believe Nordstrom give a $20 certificate per $1,000 spent.
  15. I tried going to the Atlanta Nordstrom's to ask them to help me get Chanel that is available in their system. I had the bag name, style number, price, description, etc. The handbag SA's there were very nice and they're local, so I thought that the was the neighborly thing to do. I never got a call back even saying no way. They are in the process of really improving their handbag department, so I still want to give them a thumbs up. But maybe it was too much effort to track down much competed for, distant Chanel. I'd say ask ChanelBoy and go right to the source. If a bag is defective, you can return it. NM Atlanta has a great selection of Chanel and Saks is pretty good but a little different in what they stock.