Chanel Nordstrom Downtown Seattle Stock for 9/12

  1. Dark beige bubble quilt bowler ($2575)
    Dark beige bubble quilt small flap ($1795)
    Dark white / light color - bubble quilt large flap
    Black Classic Flap both caviar & Lambskin in various sizes
    Black Patent Classic flap (medium size i think)
    Beige Classic Flap both caviar & Lambskin
    black Reissue with charm & stones (the 7K bag)
    black Reissue with c-c-c charm
    Black baby cabas
    Black with black patent cambon large tote
    Black cambon tote
    black GST
    Black PST
    Bordeaux Modern Chain tote (i'm not so sure)
    Black with pony hair paris biarritz large tote
    black with pony hair paris biarritz small tote
    Grey/light grey paris biarritz large tote
    Luxury flap in ivory (luxe ligne)
    red luxury bowler (luxe ligne)
    lots of Sharpey
    lots of brooklyn & rock ligne

    for further information you can ask for Cecillia or Tomoko (a very nice japanese lady SA)

    HTH :smile:
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I didn't know luxe ligne bags were still around! But I'm a newbie :shame:
  5. I want a bubble anything so badly!!
  6. I would assume they are the patent version.?? :yes:
  7. ^
    Nope. The luxe ligne is the regular leather version. :idea:
  8. do u kno if the Nordstrom chanels are able to check the stocks of other Nordstrom chanels? i tried to find a baby cabas at a reg chanel boutique and they said there was only one left..i'm assuming she only checked the stock of the reg chanel boutiques and not ones at dept stores?
  9. I'm pretty sure they could do that. I'm positive Nordstrom Seattle still have one Baby Cabas in Black (on display). Call quick. Good luck :yes:
  10. wow what a quick response! thanks for the info once again! oh and btw can reg Nordstrom's order it for me because i don't feel like making a long drive to one with a chanel boutique in it.
  11. Call Tomoko, Chanel's SA at Nordstrom Seattle. Hope she could help arranging a shipping for you.
    or Cecilia @ 206.628.1390 or 206.628.2111
  12. Ch3rrybl0ss0ms,

    Thank you for your info. I received the Bubble Quilt Flap Bag from Seattle Nordstrom this morning. So they did accept international order from Hong Kong and the SA has been very nice. Her name is Frederick.
  13. Here's my BQ in Dark Beige from Nordstrom !!:yahoo:
    PITC Black Tote 008.jpg PITC Black Tote 007.jpg
  14. The red leather bowler is beautiful. It is my favorite Chanel. I just got the metallic black also, but I'm finding I love the red more.
  15. OOOOHhhh How did you manage to get the metallic black? Ebay? Thought they have been gone for awhile now