Chanel Noob with questions?

  1. Hi ladies, I've recently discovered my love for Chanel. I just fell in love with the classic flap bags or was it the e/w? lol. Not sure what to call them. But I've been looking around and noticed "lambskin" "reissue" and "cavier". I believe those were the 3. Now I really want to know whats the difference?
    Would anyone care to explain to me what's the difference between the 3? What would be the best choice? I would apreciate pictures as well. TIA!
  2. 2 types of flap bags..

    One is the Medium / Jumbo Classic Flap.

    It comes in 2 kinds of leather. Lambskin (the smooth one) and the caviar (the rough but more durable one)

    Two, the Reissue 2.55.

    It comes in different sizes starting from 224,225,226,227 & 228.

    It is made up of distressed calfskin leather.

  3. lambskin and caviar are the material commonly used in Chanel bags, usully found in the classic flaps.

    Reissue or Reissue 2.55 is the reissue of the '2.55' bag which was originally released in Feb 1955.
  4. lambskin is Chanel's most supple but most delicate leather,
    calfskin is durable, but there's a lot of different finishes.
    Caviar leather has a slightly pebbled texture and is Chanel's most durable.

    Flaps come in lamb, caviar, python, tweed, etc. . . .
  5. Thank you ladies. Now with that covered.
    Which one would be the best in your opinions? Sounds like the durable one would be best right? Lambskin sounds pretty, but I would be worried about scratching it and what not. It's more smooth from the pictures I've seen. I would LOVE a black medium one. :heart:
  6. if you like the smoother appearance of lamb, check out teh reissues, they're distressed calf I believe. It's softer than caviar but not as delicate as lamb.

  7. If you're looking forward owning a Black Medium Classic Flap, in my opinion, it is best with a lambskin leather. It's more elegant than the Black Caviar. But again, you have to think of the consequences such as being "delicate" and it gets scratched easily (I got this bag before, but I have to let it go because I always get it scratched..") But with lighter color tones, I guess caviar leather is the best because it's more durable and not that elegant.. Good for a day out, night out, etc.!
  8. ONE more question ladies. Ok I hope I don't sound too noobie, but is the lambskin the same material as the cambons?
    I would actually come close to making a decision as which one to get. I just hate going into the boutique and looking at them all together. I'm really indecisive when it comes to it being in front of me. So if I'm already leaning towards one direction it helps me make a better decision. I know when I buy something, I go home, look at it, examine it a million times at every angle and lighting. Then I'll end up going back and exchanging it and doing it again. lol
  9. no, Cambons are not lambskin.
    Some people here still believe they are, but they are not, they're VERY supple Calf.
  10. wow I love this thread! Thanks for the education ladies!