Chanel non-leather bags

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  1. i have only owned chanel leather bags and wonder how the quality is on items non-leather fabrics, like the tweeds, vinyl, knits, felts, etc. does anyone have experiences to share, especially with wear and tear of bags made of something entirely other than leather? are they made with the same quality and craftsmanship of the leathers? thanks for all opinions.
  2. I am curious to hear this as well. After seeing @Vanana 's glorious tweed buys I have been checking out vintage tweed flaps.
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  3. Hiya, I have a Jumbo Flap in turquoise jersey which I bought second hand last year and although it had some wear to the corners when I bought it, it's in great condition considering it's over 5 years old now and I even got it soaked when I was splashed by a passing car going through a giant puddle (I live in England, it's always raining!!) and it's still absolutely fine, no damage to the fabric at all! So basically I would say go for it, but maybe only in darker colours as it might be difficult to get stains out of lighter fabrics :smile:
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  4. Oh I also have a vintage tweed bag from 2005 which is in amazing condition and has held up really well! I looove the fabric Chanels, especially the tweed ones! The tweed is amazing quality, Chanel now owns the company that make all of their tweed in Scotland but I can honestly say I've never seen any other tweed quite like it :heart: Here is a pic of my jersey flap anyway!

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  5. I have a nylon Coco cocoon 4 years now and use it daily for my work and still in good condition.
  6. I have a patent vinyl business flap. It still looks alright, but I'm disappointed because I've seen fading on the patent throughout the body of the bag :/ other than that, it's a good alternative to my Maxi
  7. Do you happen to have and don't mind posting a photo of your 2005 tweed? I feel like the tweeds are quite durable (it sure is thick! and feel well made hands on!). It wouldn't have stopped me.. rephrase: I can't stop myself anyway regardless of durability, but would definitely love to see how tweed holds up over time and your thought on any special care - beside normal reasonable care like being aware of not snagging it or running into corners etc which may be damaging to all bags but probably more of an issue with tweed I guess maybe? But seriously the running into corners thing is probably unavoidable for clumsy people like me but i'm totally off topic here. :smile: would be so nice to see how the bag holds up in 10 years.

    I see a variety of conditions online generally but then again, regardless of tweed or leather, some people shock me with how little care they take with their bags (it's funny how we all here expect that we stuff our bags nicely for storage while most people generally would be shocked and surprised if i say I keep stuffing in my bags to ensure they maintain shape, but that tiny little effort alone makes such a huge difference!). I really trust our tpf lovers a lot more on "reasonable but realistic" aging photos :angel:

  8. Do... it.....
    DO IT!!!!! Muahahahahha!!!! *evil laugh* :lol::drinks:
  9. Vanana, do you do any tweed treatments (like Scotch Gard) to keep your tweed in good shape? I recently got a great tweed boy from the 2015 cruise collection (NM just happened to have it - I was surprised but hey) and the tweed is pre-distressed so I'm not too worried about snags but I've been waffling on whether to treat the tweed with something protective (or simply treat it well).
  10. do you find that the quality is just as high, like is the tweed they use *that* much better than a tweed bag from another company would be. obviously their leathers are above other companies, but how would their tweed rank, for instance.
  11. I recently bought a tweed chanel bag and I don't think the quality is that great but I loved the bag. I don't think it's better than other tweed, personally.
  12. Fabrics, tweed satin or jersey would never be as durable as leather. They are not meant for every day, of course, but they are nice to collect and wear on occasion. Threads will fray, surfaces will pill and corners will wear off if worn like a regular leather bag.

    For those nice shoes with leather soles - imagine if those soles were made of fabric!

    At the same time, some of the most beautiful pieces are made in satin or tweed.

    I personally do not care for jersey though.
  13. Sorry just seen this, I'm still getting used to the new site :smile: When I get home I will take some pictures of my vintage tweed and upload them! I don't know how rough the previous owner was with the bag but I don't generally 'baby' it like I do with any of my leather bags because it's so durable and in a grey/black colour combo so I don't have to worry about marks and stains as much! It has piped lambskin edges which are wearing a bit now, so I make sure to moisturise them regularly becuase the leather piping has scuffed over time although it's not very noticeable. All I can say is that I am soooo impressed with it for a 10/11 year old bag and the tweed has held up great!!
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  14. oooh so excited!!! can't wait to see this beauty, just hearing the description of the tweed/bag and your happiness with it makes me anticipate. thanks so much.
  15. Well, tweed is not something I have ever really seen enough of to offer an educated opinion, however I have seen tweed pieces from cheaper, more contemporary designers such as Maje & Sandro, Carven, L.K. Bennett etc. and also some from other premier designers and honestly *NOTHING* can compare to the Chanel tweed I've seen on both my own bag and other Chanel pieces including their RTW stuff.

    I know that Chanel get their tweed from suppliers in Scotland and also Lesage in Paris. Either way you can watch videos of Chanel tweed being made and it's both fascinating and strangely theraputic at the same time!
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