Chanel "Noir Cream"& "Blanc Cera" Nailpolish??

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  1. I just stumbled upon this *new* color (Noir Cream) by Chanel online while surfing...

    Anyone see it in person/or buy it yet??? Anyone know if it's a flat mat black??? Or similar to Black Satin? ....similar to the new Ceramic Noir....OR somewhere in between????

    Sounds to me it's a frost type polish...Hmm??:shrugs:

    Also any info on the *new* Blanc Cera?? Is this a flat white, mat, etc.??? Pearlized look, frost?? How similar is it to the other new white by Chanel "Ceramic Blanc"??? Anyone know??

    Any info??

  2. Thinking they messed up on the spelling and it is really noir ceramic and blanc ceramic.
  3. It's noir ceramic and yes, it is shimmery. I personally like it as a good alternative.
  4. Have both and love them both!!