Chanel Noir Ceramic nail polish

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  1. Just curious if anyone has any information on the new Chanel nail polish that's coming out/has come out. It's supposed to be a tamer version of Black Satin that's more gunmetal grey than anything else. Is this one LE in US again? There have been a few that have popped on ebay stating so.
  2. I saw this today and I didn't like it. I should of bought a bottle to try but didn't. It is available now. They also have other "ceramic" polishes as part of the same line.
  3. A previous post said it is called Black Pearl. I'm waiting for my local Bloomies to get it (should be any day now).
  4. If you search on ebay for black ceramic, you will see the color. Black Pearl is a totally different color coming out after new years. Actually, I just checked the color is called Noir Ceramic. HTH
  5. my best friend is a chanel ba and she had it on today, its ok pretty but not amazing
  6. I picked a bottle up today to think about. I know that if I wait and decide later, it will be sold out. The SA told me that people have been calling and placing orders for a few at a time. It's a more sheer black with a gunmetal gray sheen. The SA had on one coat-I think you need two to get the desired effect.
  7. which locations have it in stock? and whats the official name?
  8. Its part of the new spring make-up line. Its selling out in a day or two in stores already. The white ceramic is going fast also. Its a sheer pearlized white, not opaque. Actually pretty nice.
  9. Hi:

    Do you think that the Blanc ceramic color differs from all of the other pearlized white colors out there?
  10. ^ haven't tried it yet, so don't know. Sorry!
  11. I looked at the Blanc Ceramic today. Not a bad color, but really NO different than any other company's pearlized white colors (ie Essie, OPI etc).
    I really ended up liking the Wonderland nail color, but the stores were all sold out.
  12. I just bought some of the noir ceramic, the madness which is a chocolate color and the blanc ceramic, once I try them, I will let you know how they look!! My store only got 9 bottles of the noir ceramic, I think they just want to get everyone in a frenzy!!! I always fall for it too!!
  13. I ordered blanc & noir ceramic and a bottle of madness. Can't wait to get them.
  14. Jenny,

    Ohh I can't get any in Canada :crybaby:
  15. Me too! Neiman Marcus has it online right now.. you have to scroll down the color options. There isn't a sample color of them up so it looks like they don't have it.