Chanel Noir Ceramic nail polish

Aug 12, 2006
Just curious if anyone has any information on the new Chanel nail polish that's coming out/has come out. It's supposed to be a tamer version of Black Satin that's more gunmetal grey than anything else. Is this one LE in US again? There have been a few that have popped on ebay stating so.
If you search on ebay for black ceramic, you will see the color. Black Pearl is a totally different color coming out after new years. Actually, I just checked the color is called Noir Ceramic. HTH
I picked a bottle up today to think about. I know that if I wait and decide later, it will be sold out. The SA told me that people have been calling and placing orders for a few at a time. It's a more sheer black with a gunmetal gray sheen. The SA had on one coat-I think you need two to get the desired effect.
Its part of the new spring make-up line. Its selling out in a day or two in stores already. The white ceramic is going fast also. Its a sheer pearlized white, not opaque. Actually pretty nice.
I looked at the Blanc Ceramic today. Not a bad color, but really NO different than any other company's pearlized white colors (ie Essie, OPI etc).
I really ended up liking the Wonderland nail color, but the stores were all sold out.
I just bought some of the noir ceramic, the madness which is a chocolate color and the blanc ceramic, once I try them, I will let you know how they look!! My store only got 9 bottles of the noir ceramic, I think they just want to get everyone in a frenzy!!! I always fall for it too!!