Chanel no longer including tags with items you buy from boutique?

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  1. Hello all,
    I just placed an order with my SA and he said they are no longer able to include the paper tag with the pieces that you buy from the boutique. I asked him if it was company wide and he said it was except he didn't know if it pertained to the department stores like Neimans, Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdales, etc.

    Has anyone else heard of this?

  2. Yep. I just purchased a few items in the Chanel boutique in Rome and they kept the tags....when I asked, the SA said they kept the tags for the store's records or something along those lines.
  3. Same, it happened twice to me in Milan
  4. I purchased a Chanel wallet today (in the US) from a stand-alone Chanel boutique. My SA included the price tag with my purchase. I am not sure if he did this because he already knows me well enough to know that I appreciate having all the "pieces" of the "puzzle", or if that policy has not been shared across the board (yet)?
  5. I am in the US as well. Hmmm...this is such a weird development.

    Thanks to all who replied!
  6. When did they start this??? Is it the tag with the style code and price? maybe it's also to deter super fakes?
  7. Boutiques in Europe and Asia I don't think ever let you keep the tags
    Re: B&M boutiques in the U.S., I think it depends on the store
  8. I have bought mine from Australia, Italy and France over several years, tags have never been included.
  9. With my purchases from the past 6 months, my bags were wrapped up without the tags, but my wallet did come with one. These were purchased from various stand alone boutiques.
  10. Yes this is normal in Europe.
  11. I got a cf last month and a wallet this month in Canada, they didn't give me the tags
  12. I ever bought a Chanel bag in Paris and no tag was included in my purchase. :biggrin:

    In Singapore where I live, all Chanel stores don't have the tag. :hrmm:
  13. I'm from Singapore too and tags were included for my SLGs but not for my bag, shoes and accessories. I was actually quite puzzled to not see the tag for my recent bag as I saw others posting the tag for their bags but I didn't ask. Am glad it's part of the policy and this eases my mind.
  14. I never buy any Chanel SLG so no idea there's tag included in. :oh:
  15. This is an interesting thread! I know that Louis Vuitton has never left a price tag on an item I have purchased in the past. Regarding the recent purchase of my Chanel jumbo classic flap last month, the sales tag was actually attached to the handbag, however, the price portion was clipped off with scissors. The tag did include style codes, etc. I have a 2nd one arriving Thursday (Yikes! :smile: ) and will try to be mindful to check and report back. ALL of the SLGs I have purchased recently (both from Chanel Boutiques and Department stores, i.e. Saks) DID indeed have the little price tag (style codes on front; price on back) plus authenticity card, of course, included inside.