chanel no 5 for mom's x'mas gift??

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  1. Hi..

    Im thinking about getting the chanel no 5 for my mom as an x'mas gift..I have come down to the store to smell it the other day with a friend of mine and to be honest, it wasn't really that appealing to me and my friend said the same thing too (well, perhaps the 2 of us just don't have great taste).. so im thinking if there are any ladies who have used it and love it/hate it.. you can tell me your opinions about the perfume :smile:..

    I know there are a few recent posts about perfumes.. but i didn't really see chanel no 5 being mentioned a lot.. and there are just too many of them :sad: i have chosen chanel no 5 cause of the big advert done by nicole kidman (i thought if the company invested so much money on the advert, the product should be pretty good-something i learnt in college) and chanel vowed that it's one of their best mom uses poison (by dior i think or is it ysl??) for daily use (she's been using it forever) and recently, she got j'adore dior from her sister who went to Paris.. but i don't think she uses j'adore dior a i don't know, maybe you can give me some ideas
  2. maybe you could take her to the perfume area at the store and casually test some and see if she would like chanel no. 5.
  3. chanel no.5 is a classic smell but perfume is somethign to each thier own. so the best bet would be for her to smell it herself.

    also perfume smells differnetly on diff ppl..

    i personally hate it.. but my mum likes it..
  4. My Mom's favorite is Chanel Coco and it is does smell really nice.
  5. I like Coco Madamoiselle.

    But I agree, let her pick out her favorite perfume and then you can get it for her. (And it's a better value to get the gift set instead of just a single bottle.)
  6. My mom wears Coco Mademoiselle and she really likes it. I personally hate the smell of Number 5, I think it smells like rubbing alcohol. But perfume is such a personal thing, so I would reccomend doing what Twisted suggested.
  7. Perfume does smell differently on every person because of your body's chemistry.

    No. 5 has a very powerful smell that doesn't work on everyone.

    What about asking your Mom which perfumes she likes or owns? You can go by the ones she already has to see which scents (fruity, musky, floral) she prefers.

    FWIW, my Mom prefers Chanel's Chance over No.5, it's a lighter scent.
  8. I guess it would be best to get something that she likes, im not denying it.. but by bringing her to the department store and asking her choose, would it kill the christimas spirit of opening up the gift?? i mean, its supposed to be fun and exciting, guessing what u might get when u open up one of those boxes under the tree..but if u kinda knew what's coming, how fun could it be??
  9. i always know what i'm getting now (i drop HARD hints for only one or two things and have even been known to buy and wrap things for myself) it's more exciting than when i didn't "help" because i know i want what's wrapped up.

    i've found chanel 5 to be very very chemistry dependent. and if poison is her everyday fragrance, personally would stick to something on the sweet side of the oriental family. maybe dior addict? guelerain samsara? chanel allure? the new marc jacobs amber splash? hanae mori?

    if you really don't want to take your mom with you, i would go to the fragrance counter of nordstrom, saks, neimans and have the fragrance lady help you. she'll ask what scents she usually likes/wears and a little about her personality then suggest scents that she might like. that said, perfume is very very personal imho...are you sure that's what she'd like as a gift?
  10. Hmm im not sure if she wants perfume as an x'mas gift.. i just thought it'll make a nice gift hahaha

    alright then, maybe it's not such a good idea after all.. ill see if i can find out what she really wants
  11. Something that smells good on you may not smell right on your mom and vice-versa. It's a classic, though.