Chanel NM SH Unbelievable........

  1. I do not know what is going on at Short Hills NM, but everytime I call noone picks up and I get a recording. I finally got someone from handbags after the operator tried for the 3rd time to connect me and she sounded like she was doing me a favor when I asked her to check on a bag for me. :cursing:I hung up on her.This is not the first time this has happened when I have called. You would "think" they would get their act together and have an SA that is knowledgeable answering the phone. With the $ (and I mean thousands) I spend in that store this is a real turnoff. I wanted to place an order, the b---- who answered the phone just lost out on a very nice comission!! Just had to vent...... will call a diff NM tomorrow. I am looking for the GST in black with silver hardware, if anyone has seen one and has a decent SA lmk.
  2. That sucks.....Call Damian or Donna at Saks in PA.1-610-667-1550..they are both great SA's.

    If u need a NM SA..I use Carlos at the LAs Vegas NM..u can use Visa there too
  3. Ridiculous! Glad you didn't place the order with her!

    I know my Saks has the black GST with silver hardware. It's the Saks in Atlanta. Ask for Eva or Priscilla, they are both so nice and helpful!
  4. i called nm short hills last week and they were really nice. i spoke to lee, mary, and bonnie. i was looking for the black metallic 226 and while they were not very knowledgable, they did put a lot of effort into trying to find it for me.
  5. Thanks for the info. Just ordered it from NM in Las Vegas.:smile: Also they did say prices are going up 8/1!!:sad:
  6. ^The SAKS EGC event is tomorrow..u could have gotten a GC....
  7. they just hired a new Chanel specialist. i saw her today...forget her name but she was just lovely. Hopefully the service will pick up now.

  8. I think he's on vacation for 2 weeks.. I called 2 days ago for some bags and a Sa told me he's out for while.
  9. Jill, Thats ok about Saks, I already ordered it from Neimans. :yes:
  10. I spoke to Mischa (not sure of spelling) in Las Vegas NM, she was very nice.
  11. oh wow I was just there and met a lovely girl her name is Mila I thought she was wonderful
  12. hey, if you need anything from NM in Short Hills-ask for Sheryl. She doesn't work on commission, but she busts her a$$ to help you out. You need to call the handbag dept, not Chanel and ask for her. No one does or will pick up that phone, they barely use that register. New DSA is Marta. Shes a sweetheart, but still new.
  13. I saw one at Hirshleifers in Americana Mall located in Manhasset, NY. You can call Diane 516.627.3566, she's really friendly and she will probably enroll you in a rewards program which will earn you points toward a $500 giftcard good to spend on anything in the store.
  14. NO..Damian(DJO) helped me at SAKS today..he is back from his vacation now......
  15. Eva in Saks in Atlanta the most b----- and rude SA, that I ever met. I shop in Saks very often, but Chanel I always buy in Atlanta Neimanmarcus store # 404-266-8200. Ask for Page (in Chanel handbags)she is great: very nice and she will go "extra mile" for you in order to find what you want.