Chanel news at saks.... GST info!!!


Dec 17, 2006
Spoke to my Chanel sa today, they will be getting the dark red jumbo, and the grey jumbo, also we will see the walk of fame coming back again, the gst is going up in price to 2495, it was in the look book, so buy it now if you want it.
sjunky, when the gst will increase in price? i checked with saks but they are all sold out of gst now. waiting to receive shipment. i am hoping the shipment will arrive before price increase..thanks for info.
saks told me they are back ordered with black s/hardwear gst's , there are none in the company. Price will go up for pre fall, could be any week now.
Nordstroms in Seattle advised they will be receiving more with silver hardware with the washed caviar leather, not the current caviar, that most of us have. The price is still the same, except the Patent leather GSt that will be coming out will be $2495. I am getting one as a gift for a friend and waiting for the call and was assured it would not be $2495, they have no notice to increase the price on it, the look book also shows the same current price, the only increase is for the patent one.