chanel newbie

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  1. I would like a small Chanel bag but would like to keep the price under $3000. I am sure this limits me to a very small selection (maybe only the mini?) . I went on the Chanel website and didn't see the mini that everyone is talking about on this forum.

    I called Nordstrom and they do not even have a wait list if one appears. He said the mini is now $2400 and it's only 4" and 1.5" deep? That's way too small. (maybe the SA was just guessing because they do not have it available)

    Saks, Neimans and Bergdorfs do not offer Chanel on line. Neimans said I would need to contact each store individually to discuss their inventory.

    I do not have plans to travel to Paris or fly internationally to duty free. Where can I find a black small or mini?

    Do I want the lambskin or caviar?
  2. If you can find a CC Crave, that would be a nice comes in two sizes and is $2800 or $ a search on the forum for reviews :smile:

    I just got the smaller one yesterday and love it! It is a flap style but only has a single flap and is nice and lightweight!

    If you check out the Authentic Finds thread there have been a couple larger size sightings ;)
  3. For caviar vs lamb, there are many threads already and you can check them out.

    For example, you can start from this

    You can't buy Chanel online and since you are new, I'd suggest you pay a visit to the store to see what you like. For under $3000, probably WOC or mini. You can check out websites like spotted fashion for prices and dimensions or the reference forum.
  4. For under 3k I would suggest a woc or a gst. :smile:
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395558255.728475.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1395558265.871201.jpg
    CC crave medium. I just got one this week $2800... Awesome bag!!
  6. Otherwise WOC, mini, CWC, GST...
  7. With that budget you actually have quite a lot of selections. As mentioned above by other members there are also seasonal flaps (if you are only interested in flaps only) which cost below $3000 such as the herringbone (pic). You might can even add a pair of cc earrings too. I will recommend you look at the chanel website and if possible visit their boutique, look and feel different bags before deciding on one. As to lambskin or caviar is personal preference. For me is caviar because i dont want to babysit my bag but lamb feels like heaven.

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  8. Does it need to be a flap? What about the PST? GST is 2900 before tax but you said small bag. Yes each store has different inventory and you'll have to ask around. You may want to try contacting some of the recommended SAs used by TPF'ers here instead of cold calling because not all SAs are helpful and as a newbie, it can be discouraging. Also pay attention to the authentic finds thread (also over all the shopping sub forum) to see if you see anything that fits what you're looking for.

    In terms of caviar vs lamb-personally I love how luxurious lamb is. It's not as delicate as some say, but caviar truly is more carefree!
  9. PST is $2200, it is a nice little tote and not as heavy and boxy as GST. ($2900). If you want a flap, there are some seasonal flaps that are around the $3000 mark. Try them in stores and you will be able to find one you love. Good luck and let us know what you have picked out. Good luck!
  10. I was under the impression that ALL Chanel bags were in the $4000 range and up. That's why I mentioned a mini. I have a black single handle Bottega and gray side pocket Prada for my everyday bags. I think I need something dressier. Now I think the mini is too small.

    The Neimans near me has a very limited selection but I will pay them a visit. If I find one I do love, perhaps I could save taxes by calling Bloomies Chanel Boutique? (we don't have a store in Colorado).

    Maybe Bloomies has Friends and Family 20% on Chanel starting April 4 2014? (they usually exclude)

    Is the WOC larger than the mini flap?
  11. easy caviar flap is also in the price range if you can find them. The small is $2900 and very nice.

    Where did you hear that Bloomies will apply F&F discount to Chanel? For dept stores you can get a certain amount discount for opening a store credit card @ purchase (and earn points).
  12. Gorgeous bag!!