Chanel Newbie!


Mar 15, 2013
Hi everyone! :P

I am an extreme Chanel newbie. I have only recently started to really get into Chanel and research their bags. Now, I can say I may be obsessed. :P I would love to get my first Chanel bag ASAP, however I am not sure which one to get. I would love the WOC but I'm thinking maybe it would be too small, (I haven't tried it on). But I don't carry much, just my LV Emilie wallet and chapstick really, so I'm not sure.
Also I want to look at the 2.55 in some kind of black leather with silver hardware. I tried to look on the website for prices but I can't seem to find any, I am currently living in South Korea but even if I found out the prices in USD or CAD it would help.
Please help me out! What should be my first Chanel bag?

Thank you so much!


Aug 28, 2013
I can only speak from experience my first chanel was the classic jumbo flap black...I would suggest as your first getting a classic preferably a nice neutral color like a black or beige! Good luck!


Jul 27, 2008
A WOC is a nice start, esp since you don't carry much. It's versatile and functional. But you also can't go wrong with a reissue or classic flap.

Besides researching bags on here, it also helps to see them in person.


Feb 8, 2014
My first Chanel was a Black Caviar GST - still my most used day bag. At the time I said that I don't need another black bag............BUT, next was a small Black Lambskin Classic Flap which is great for evening. WOC sounds great for your first Chanel as you don't carry much. Whatever you choose, I'm sure you won't regret it.


Jan 12, 2006
I agree, if you carry very little a WoC could be a great choice. There's a thread or 2 in Chanel Shopping that keeps up w/ pricing from around the world, also the Library has a TON of photos and often prices as well.

Welcome to Chanel! :welcome:


Aug 31, 2013
I agree a WOC sounds like a good start for you. You would no longer need to carry your wallet with it, so I guess just your chapstick. :smile:

As for the prices, on the Chanel website, click on the bag you are interested in, then click on the plus sign and the details, including the price, will pop up.

Classic lambskin WOC is US $1775.


Nov 14, 2013
London, UK
I think it depends what your budget is because for me, I knew my first dream bag was the Black Classic Flap Caviar with GHW either Medium or Jumbo and I went for Jumbo and I was nearly torn between SHW or GHW but went for GHW thinking it be my one and only Chanel. Literally one month down the line, I got the Timesless WOC and then another month down the line I got the PST.

I think once you've become a Chanel lover and you got your first Chanel bag, it doesn't quite stop there.

Out of the 3 bags I use the WOC the most and the Flap the least. I find the WOC very versatile but recently I've noticed mine has a rip on the leather that keeps the chain together and that's purely because of the way I've used it (too many party nights with the WOC as a clutch :shucks:). Anyways I think, it depends on what you usually wear, how often do you want to use it and then once you've decided which style you want...THEN you're going to have more questions with which colour you want and which hardwear you want and which size :P. Good luck xxx


Feb 13, 2014

I totally understand the obsession with Chanel and it's affecting my vacations now :faint: 3 weeks ago my friend and I decided to take a trip to Las Vegas and I HAD to visit every Chanel store. I had an AMAZING experience with every Chanel boutique/stores in Las Vegas! I hope when you make your FIRST and ALL of your Chanel purchases you have a BEAUTIFUL and MEMORABLE experience.

If you make a purchase like this I STRONGLY suggest that you try the bag out so you can see what it's like and the feel. For myself, I phone ordered a Black Caviar Maxi SHW and it's huge! You will be surprised with what a Chanel purse can truly hold. The price point for a WoC is fair and its just a timeless piece to have and the 2.55.

Good Luck :sunshine:
My first was a classic flap as well. I had resigned myself to only getting one at the time, so I figured a jumbo would get the most use.

Here we are 3 years later and I added another classic flaps and two WOC's to the collection.

I think it'd be best to assess what you'd use most in your day to day life, whether you could trim down the contents to the essentials to live out of your WOC and pop it into a bigger bag, or whether you'd need a larger bag to carry more of your things for work, etc.

Good luck!