Chanel newbie

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  1. I really want to purchase a classic flap bag in white, it was love at first sight! I haven't seem them in stores, are they seasonal colors? When will the stores carry them again? Thanks!
  2. yes. You have to wait. They may have it in around April or May. That was they told me.

    Most of department stores are only carry the white caviar with shw excepts Chanel boutique, they have both.

    Although, Hirs has it with ghw and in pre-order. I ordered one from Penny at old price last 10 days, and it will be here any time till May.
  3. I was going to settle for the black with shw, but I really wanted the white with ghw but I guess now I shall wait and keep my eyes open, hopefully they don't have 100 price increase during this time! Thanks for the info!
  4. I am pretty sure i saw white with Gold Hardware last week at Hirhleifers
  5. what I ordered was M/L white caviar ghw.

    The one you saw may be for displayed purpose only?
  6. does anyone know if you can pre-order in Canada too??
  7. you could order from hirshleifers still -- they deliver international

  8. Thanks so much!