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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm pretty much a newbie to the forum and total newbie to Chanel.

    I think I'm in love! I spent pretty much yesterday reading as many informational posts about Chanel as I could. I searched every bag on E-bay and every bag on Malleries. I'm fairly certain that I'm on the verge of a purchase because I feel so drawn to these bags (and reading your posts certainly helped me with I feel might become a fatal attraction - I feel like I could throw out all my other bags and buy nothing but Chanel - like somebody that wants to run away with her lover! I was about to get a Gucci when I decided to have a look here - where have I been my whole life?)

    I have a couple of questions that I hope you can help me with. I read that most of you don't want to buy on E-bay because it's just too risky but I did look at the buyers that you would buy from on E-bay and I saw that most of them also advertise on Malleries and that when things don't sell on Malleries they then go to auction on E-bay.

    I searched Malleries and I saw some lovely lovely bags.

    So here are my questions which I will highlight so that its easy to answer in the middle of all my blah blah blah.

    1. Do you still authenticate the bags that are sold on Malleries here or do you just assume they only sell authentic? I'm not trying to impugn anybody but I just want to know what your confidence level is.

    2. The bags I'm looking at are in the $2,500. range. I want to get to my local Chanel this week to have a look at what they've got in there and see some pricing. I did look at the pricing thread here but I have no idea which those bags are. I tried comparing #'s to the Chanel website but I didn't see the same numbers as the website so I feel like I have no idea what I'm looking at. I saw that some of you spoke about price increases coming on Feb 1. Chanel has a red flap on its website. I think it's the first one in the Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Does anybody know what this costs?

    3. Do you know what happens to a bag that isn't sold Malleries and then doesn't sell on E-bay? Does it go back on Malleries? I'm just curious about the process for these bags.

    Thanks for helping me and all your great posts which are so packed full of information!
  2. Hello, welcome to the wonderful world of Chanel :smile:
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    Last edited: Jan 28, 2010
    1. Yes, I always double-authenticate my bags if I can. Having purchased from Malleries before, I can tell you that I was about 90% confident about the authenticity, having done my research on TPF and on the particular seller. However you can never be 100% sure, so I did (and always do) obtain a second opinion from the experts at our Authenticate This Chanel thread.

    2. Chanel medium flaps and up typically start around $2,500. This is an extremely rough figure so you will have to find out the price for the specific model you are looking at in order to compare prices. I would suggest getting your bag brand new from the boutique instead of paying so much for a second-hand one, unless of course you're looking for a vintage bag. I would NOT pay more than $2,000 for a bag that I can still buy in stores. You'll save a few hundreds at most but I would rather forgo the savings, and purchase at the boutique without having to worry about fraud, authenticity, actual condition of the bag, nasty sellers who cover facts up in their listings and unreasonably refuse returns.... etc.

    3. From what I understand, Malleries is somewhat like ebay, but with more reputable sellers. Many of the sellers there run professional consignment services and if the bags are not sold within a particular time frame, they may be returned to the original owner; or perhaps the listing is left on either ebay or Malleries until a buyer picks it up.

    Hope this helped, and welcome to Chanel! What took you so long!?!? :lecture: :P
  4. Hi BoldGirl, welcome to Chanel! :biggrin:

    I always authenticate my online purchases from retailers here by the lovely tpfers ;)
  5. :welcome2:
  6. nighteyes, *THAT* is the 64 thousand $ question! I'm pretty old so I don't know how I never appreciated the beauty of a flap bag before. As I remember at one time, I even hated the "puffiness" of Chanel - well let's just say my taste has matured along with my age.

    I appreciate you taking the time to write such a detailed post, it was very helpful.

    I did a bit more research yesterday and noticed that some of the sellers don't ship to my country so that is somewhat limiting. I've also been thinking that my first bag should be a new one. I can't wait to go to the city to Chanel - feels like going on a first date ;).

    I'll report back with what I find.

    Thanks ladies for the welcome.
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