Chanel Newbie

  1. Hi All

    Hope everyone is having a fantastic break. I have recently become obsessed with Chanel (was previously a Chloe and MJ gal). Have been doing some research on all the diff Chanel bags - but I can't say I am expert yet. I am ready to take the plunge and buy my first bag. This is my lemming (see pic below)- the grey double strap. Can someone please confirm that this is the classic caviar? I have searched high and low in Australia for it but with no success. Can someone please tell me what options I have - I would be very happy to order overseas provided that I know that I am getting the real deal, Many thanks to all!

  2. It's actually not grey. It's called "Blue Fonce". It is indeed the caviar leather jumbo flap. :yes: It's very hard to find as it is basically completely sold out everywhere(trust me, I checked lol, it's my HG bag). To get it, you'd have to get lucky on eBay or wait until Chanel re-releases this seasonal color.
  3. Thanks so much for your reply Missisa07! What a shame!!! I will keep my eyes open!!! Please post on this forum should you ever get lucky tracking one down!