Chanel Newbie!

  1. Having recently learned how to post photo's, it is with great pleasure I submit for your enjoyment my first Chanels! I am so happy with them!
  2. Beautiful pieces, congrats!!
  3. beautiful! I have the black caviar in silver.... it's amazing!
  4. Very pretty - enjoy
  5. Beautiful Chanels ... you picked classic pieces, you'll be enjoying these for a long time!! Congrats!
  6. lovely...
    congrats :smile:
  7. I love them both! Congrats :love:
  8. Congrats, both great choices! They're beautiful :love:
  9. Beautiful bags! I love them both!
  10. I love them both. What's the name of the beige bag?
  11. I love them both!! Congrats!
  12. I'm sorry, I dont know the name of the tan tote! The black is a mini flap. Perhaps someone more knowledgable about style names can help? thanks for all the positive comments! I'm thrilled!
  13. wow...i am envious of you ...i like the black one...what do they call it ? the mini flap ?hmn....i am going to get my first chanel soon....maybe I should get the black big is it ?? does it come in different sizes and colours? sorry i had to ask so many qusetinos coz there are no Chanel boutiuques here :sick: I might need to get someone else to bring it back for me :smile:
  14. i love them! this forum is horrible, it makes me want everything! sigh.. =)
  15. I'm pretty sure it is the classic flap mini. It is pretty small. Like evening or "cocktail" sized. I really wanted the tote for everyday. But I LOVE the classic flap, and bought the little one more as an occasion bag.
    I can measure it if you like.