Chanel newbie

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  1. I'm really wishing to pick up a small classic Chanel piece, but not sure what to get. I like some of the costume jewelry, but not sure if I could use a little pochette more. I really don't want to go more than $500, if possible. Any ideas?
    I've been watching eBay for vintage Chanel, but I'll have to study tPF to see who can be trusted- I want REAL Chanel.
  2. I dont think you can buy any Chanel purse for under $995 but I know there are some authenitic eBay sellers that are fellow tpf'rs, and you might be able to find a good deal on there, good luck!!
  3. good luck on your search!
  4. I would chose some costume jewelry or a keychain from the animal collection, or other accessories like scarfs, phone charms
  5. Thanks- I was thinking about some costume jewelry, it's classic Chanel. I really like those animal necklaces I saw in the boutique recently. Maybe I'll try that.
  6. welcome sparkly:welcome: ...some cute jewelry sounds great!
    i'd browse the ref library stickied above..there is a whole section dedicated to accessories and the prices are often included with the pics...have fun and show us what you get when you decide!:yes: