chanel newbie: what's the dif. between large vintage ligne tote and...

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  1. the square vintage ligne tote? I check the ref. library. They both seem to be the same price. Are they shaped differently? Does anyone have measurements? thanks.
  2. i believe "square vintage" is the official name of the "vintage ligne". i just think of it as referring to the group of bags that has that metal intertwined in the handles. :P

    there's a n/s tote that quite a few gals here have that are pictured in the reference library (for $1995)
    the larger tote is the e/w tote.
  3. I'll check again. I'll I saw was "large" tote and "square tote" in vintage ligne in the library.
  4. Which post #s are you curious about in the Vintage Ligne thread?
    The post #'s are on the upper right corner of every post box.
    For example, your post is #1 and 3 in here now.
  5. swanky, #2 (yours, I think) and #6. Different names, but they look the same to me.
  6. ^swankymama's and pink*petunia's totes are the same bag... the square vintage ligne n/s tote, i think is the name. supercute bag!
    i have a special place in my heart for anything square vintage. :heart:

    hopefully someone else can post measurements for you.