Chanel newbie - some guidance on what I'm looking for?

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  1. Hi all -
    I'm normally an LV and MJ gal, but I keep seeing a Chanel that I've fallen for, but am not sure what to call it, or where I would find it. I've looked in the reference thread but its so hard to tell if the size is correct, and what leather I am looking for - hoping someone can help me?

    I THINK it may be called the Black Jumbo Flap, but when I called Saks to see if they had one, she asked me which one, so I am still confused obviously. I would want the leather that is durable and easy to care for - is that called Caviar? Sorry for my ignorance, still learning...

  2. Sounds like a caviar jumbo classic you are after. I'm suprised the SA didn't know what a jumbo was.
  3. Thanks South - Let me see if I can find a pic then of that to be sure thats what I need to ask for - the SA just kept saying "which one" like there were more than one option, and I didnt want to be sent the wrong bag, so I told her I"d call her back when I got my terminology correct.
  4. hope this helps...
    note difference in size: the medium is double flap as in it has 2 compartmentts the outer part in this bag the line by the cc is straight;

    and jumbo size is not comparted, and also in outer side you can see the difference on the line by the cc lock it is curve.

    check on the bag you saw that ulike and there you would know which size you talkin bout.

    theres also the east/west flap which is longer than medium size and it doesnt have the double compartment either but you can tell difference on this one cuz of size.

    they come in caviar and lambskin of course caviar is preferable if u dont baby ur bags, lambskin is not so hard to take care of but then again to be safe.

    and also they come in different hardware Gold or Silver, and now theres a new one called MAXI that one is very nice :drool: just do a search with maxi is taller than these and the cc is bigger and has a linear look on the front flap.

    here are pics of medium and jumbo ...



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  6. Thank you drunky_krol! The first bag you post is the bag I am looking to get -Black with GHW in Caviar! She must have wanted to know which leather I was asking for, or HW - wonder why she didnt just ask me that instead of making me feel stupid...

    Thanks for the help ladies!!!
  7. ^Dont forget to post pictures once you find your jumbo flap:smile:
  8. I just wanted to say that I love your sunburst stam! ;)
  9. Thanks Sharbear - sadly she may have to be sacrificed for my new Chanel...I just cant get the bag out of my head!
  10. congrats on ur future bag...don't u hate sa's who make u feel stupid when all they need to ask is a simple question?
  11. It might also be helpful to know that many Chanel bags have generic names on their tags/boxes, so several bag styles may share the name "classic bag with flap" or "shopping tote" etc. It might be best if you had the style number/item code.
  12. maybe the SA is refering to which material.. caviar, lambskin etc..