Chanel Newbie seeking advice?

  1. Hi ladies! I usually hang out on the Hermés board, but lately, I think I've been bitten by the Chanel bug, so I wanted to wander over here and have a peek at everything. It's pretty sad, but I saw a fake Cambon at the mall, :yucky: and it really got me to thinking about how I'd love one-- a REAL one of course! :lol:

    What do you ladies suggest for a bag for me? I don't like great big bags, but I normally don't carry really small ones anymore, either. Speedy 25/30 from LV are about perfect as far as capacity of a bag I need, and I love a good shoulder tote. The Cambon is discontinued, right? Is it hard to get one? I know I'm coming in at the wrong time with all the price increases :hysteric: I'm also really a classic person; I'm not big into funky trends. What would you recommend?

    Anyhow, I've been browsing the research threads and will continue to do so, but any insight you ladies can offer would be much appreciated!
  2. Hi and welcome to the Chanel forum! :smile: I suggest you start looking at some of the pics posted in the reference library. There are several different styles to choose from. You said you were interested in the cambon. They do make the cambon tote, but I think the only color they make now is black w/black patent CC's. Other options might be the GST (grand shopping tote) or PST (petite shopping tote). These are a chanel classic. Tour the reference library and see what you might like. Before you warned; Chanels are like potato chips, you can't have just one!:biggrin:
  3. ahh welcome over to the chanel forums razor!! great to have you hear, I would definately recommend making a nice cup of tea and spending an hour in the reference threads, it threw up bags that I had not even considered when I first came here.

    My first two purchases were the GST in black caviar - will last you forever, and a lambskin expandable flap.

    I have attached piccies for you, and then ofcourse there is the classic flaps and the plain cerf style, but its great you are considering a Chanel as your next purchase.

    OK, here is a GST


    Here is the Expandable flap version


    and a piccie together for comparison


    Also, alot of cambon styles are still possible to find if you love that one, you can get loads of advice on getting a good one!
  4. I LOVE that GST! I'm thinking maybe a PST? I'm looking up the dimensions... :girlsigh:

    Chanel seems almost affordable compared to H... when's the next price increase?

    Thanks so much for the pics! :flowers:
  5. hee hee, yep you are one of the few coming from a designer to one that is gonna look quite reasonable in comparison lol! The last price increase has only recently happened, so another shouldnt be due for a while yet ;)
  6. A black Jumbo would be cool, but how about a reissue in purple metallic, thats hot! both the reissue and classic are "classic"
  7. They still make cambons but only certain colours like white on black and black on white. Not sure about the other colours still in production. I have the white on black large cambon tote and I love it! It's roomy but not super-big. Good luck on your hunt!
  8. actually the black with white CCs is one they have discontinued. the all black is still being produced.
  9. Agreed, if you like smaller bags, the PST, classic flap, reissue or even a jumbo flap are great choices.
    Welcome to the Chanel forum:smile: