Chanel newbie - question on a 2.55

  1. I'm very new to Chanel and I would love to purchase the 2.55. I don't know a lot about this bag, all I know is that it's a classic and it comes in different versions.
    I love the 2.55 Jennifer Garner is wearing here:
    Could anyone tell me which version and size this is, and how much it costs? And is it vintage? Or is it available at the stores?


    Edit: the *** should be: pursepageDOTcom (I guess you can't link to this page?)
  2. :shm.. your website is not correct
  3. Thanks for letting me know, I guess you can't link to that site, because the address I had was the right one.
  4. :confused1:
  5. Is this the purse you're asking about?
  6. ^If so, that's the Classic Chanel flap in Caviar. It's the jumbo size with silver h/w. :yes:
  7. Yep, that's the one!
    Thanks, it's very hard for a newbie to figure it out, with all those different sizes and version!
    Do you know how much this one costs? And will it be a huge difference after the price increase? I was planning to buy a purse next month, and my budget is around $2000 (but that's not a strict limit ;) )
    Oh, and one last question: do Chanel bags cost less in Europe? I know LV bags are always a bit cheaper here.
  8. I think they cost MORE in Europe because of the Euro. I've heard from people outside of the US, that the US is a great place to buy because of the low value of our dollar.

    It's $2,250 US right now I believe and it goes up to $2,650 (22% price increase) next Thurs, Nov 1.
  9. Thanks for letting me know! That's a huge price difference! I doubt I'll get to the store before Nov 1st though, but for $400 I'm certainly gonna try :smile:

    Normally, that's true, but Vuitton is cheaper in Europe than in the US (and France is cheaper than the rest of Europe), so that's why I was wondering if that's also the case for Chanel.