Chanel newbie needs your expert help re: first bag - what to choose from my list?

  1. (not sure if this belongs in general chanel or chanel shopping - mods help me move as appropriate! thanks!)

    Hi everyone,

    I think I'm ready for my first chanel but there are SO many gorgeous bags that I can't decide on what to get first?

    These are what I had in mind:

    1) black 2.55 reissue (gold or silver chain best? Also is it even possible to get the 2005 black with gold hardware reissues outside of eBay?)

    2) black chanel timeless clutch (same as the white one a PFer posted that she got for her birthday or the recent purple coloured one posted up)

    3) black east-west in lambskin?

    4) cambon reporter in black/white or black/black? Which one would be better? Do you find it too bulky with all those pockets? Does it fit a lot and if so - would it become heavy and cumbersome to carry?

    5) cambon bowler in black/white or black/black?

    6) red modern chain tote or hobo?

    I know that's a lot of questions - so as you can see with all these swimming in my head I'm terribly confused. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Not sure if this will be helpful information or not - but I'm 26 almost 27 so I think I'm at an age that I'd be open to both classic and more trendy chanel pieces, but seeing this is my first - I guess I'd want this bag to be something I can keep forever and hold until the day I die.. lol.. I guess that's kinda extreme... :shame: I guess basically the idea is something that I won't tire of in a year or two.

    Thanks in advance for your help gals! :flowers:
  2. Black reissue with silver hardware. It is a timeless classic! =)

    I'm pretty much in the same situation as you just that I'm desperately searching for a grey reissue... Good luck sweetie!
  3. ^^^^ Totally agree
  4. Thanks michele and dancing queen!

    Wondering if anyone who owns a reporter or something from the cambon line and also owns a re-issue could shed some thoughts?

    I had originally thought since the cambon line was more trendy/fun that the leather wouldn't be that great - but when a friend recently brought out her cambon pochette - the leather turned out to be very soft and buttery!
  5. Black reissue w/silver gets my vote too. The cambon is a totally different look -- but not as "timeless" as the reissue. With the silver hardware, it has a younger, hipper look IMO.
  6. I have the beige/black Reporter and the black/black Bowler from the Cambon line. The Reporter is a little bulky and awkward to carry but not terribly cumbersome. The Bowler is super comfy and a pretty good sized bag with all the compartments. It's lightweight too.

    These were my very first Chanel bags before I added a couple of classics to my collection. I really love the Cambon line for durability and since it might not be around for as long as the classics, vote for buying them first. They usually go on sale though, so wait for December when Chanel has their next sale.
  7. Thanks Roey for the input - if I wait til December - do you know if only the coloured cambons like pink and beige go on sale? Cuz I'm more interested in either the black/white or black/black - but I heard those don't go on sale? Also, do you happen to know how much of a %off I could expect the sale to be?

    Many thanks!!!
  8. Re-issue or classic flap/east-west in lambskin.
  9. hi jadecee - i myself am still quite a newbie to CHANEL but I do have one piece of CHANEL that I got earlier this year and thats a cambon bowler black with white cc's... I'm 25, and i think this bag is just awesome - very funky and very durable. I don't think this CHANEL piece will go out of style (IMO :graucho: ) I reckon this bag goes with everything - I'm quite a casual person but I have worn it out to dinner a few times with smart pants or jeans and a nice top and dresses...

    From out of your list I would go with the following:

    cambon bowler in black/white or black/black

    black 2.55 reissue GOLD or maybe SILVER (i can never make up my mind on this one!)

    black east-west in lambskin

    good luck with what you decide! :flowers:
  10. It's hard to tell which colors will go on sale. Every store was selling something different. NM did beige/black, black/white and pink/black but not black/black. Saks did the same but my black/black was a mistake. The s/a should not have sold me that bag on sale. Bloomingdales did black/black though.

    Percent off is about 30-40 and whatever doesn't sell goes into second markdown. My Reporter was 30% off at NM and my Bowler 40% plus and additional 30% off that since I got it at second markdown. The Bowler retails for $1375 and I got it for about $577!!
  11. From your list, I'd choose the black Reissue with gold hardware. I have one and love it so much! It's classic and will never go out of style. :smile: I believe there are some floating around out there in NM and Saks. If you don't care about which size you want, I'm sure you'd be able to get your hands on one. :yes:
  12. Black Re issue with gold HW :smile:
  13. Aaaaawwww...that's MY soft and buttery cambon pochette you're talking about!!! :love:

    I think this is a GREAT time in our lives to get a bag from the cambon line - they're so versatile. Depending on the style, a cambon bag can definitely go from day to night...and from casual to more dressy occasions. I'm even feeling pretty safe bringing it to clubs these days. I can't wait till the next cambon sale!!!!!!

    The black reissue is a MUST...definitely a classic that any bag lover needs in her collection. But perhaps it can wait a bit while we get the fun bags out of our systems first? :P
  14. So what have you decided jadacee??
  15. Thanks everyone for replying!

    roey - omg - I think I would've just died that day if it was me buying the black/white cambon bowler for $577!! Definitely one of those heavenly shopping days!!

    helen - thanks for the input! Your bags make me drool - especially your 05 turquoise First!! mmm mm!!

    sharbear - no decisions yet. I'm probably going to wait until my trip in December to make a decision - I'd like to try some of these on IRL. lol.. have to wait until NOT in Canada because the selection is so few! I guess I have to make quite a few decisions this December - but we'll see what I find available and whether I happen to stumble on any good deals. Did I tell you that I decided this week that I'm definitely NOT getting the Burberry Manor so at least that scratches one off the list. If I end up deciding on ONLY Chanel - maybe I can get a black re-issue and then the east-west in a colour? Well - I was thinking perhaps white or some sort of metallic but I'm not even sure whether that exists...