Chanel newbie needs help choosing: beige jumbo caviar choice dilemma

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Jumbo caviar question: which combination to get?

  1. Beige caviar SINGLE flap with gold hardware

  2. Beige caviar DOUBLE flap with silver hardware

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  1. Hi all.. im a newbie in the Chanel forum. I desperately need your opinion. Im being offered 2 preloved jumbo caviar bags in Beige color.
    1 is single flap with ghw and the other one is double flap with shw. Now which one should i choose?
    Im in my early 30s and i would love to be able to wear the bag for casual and formal occassions.
  2. I personally prefer the double flap versus the single flap since the double helps maintain the shape of the purse better. But I'm not 100 percent sure it makes a huge difference with caviar leather since my single flap is a lambskin purse..BUT I also prefer gold hardware with the beige. I think you should consider whether you wear more gold or silver. :] Maybe just get the single flap with gold since they don't make single flaps anymore!
  3. I think single flap GHW. They don't make single flap anymore and it's lighter than double flap. Beige IMO looks better w GHW. Hope that helps.
  4. Single flap 10000%. Double is useless.
    I bought double flaps trying to love them. I can't. :sad: I would only buy double if it is a color combo that is unique.
    The Single flap will retain the shape if you care for it. I have ones that are years and year old, no sagging or wear or anything. They are not made anymore and very special.
  5. Oh and Beige with gold is so elegant and classic and gorgeous!
  6. Thanks.. The other thing is the 2 bags are offered at the same price and this makes me think twice about getting the single since it being an older year should be cheaper .
  7. My thoughts exactly! I was told that the extra flap helps make the bag more structured
  8. Go by what you love and what will use and make your heart sing.

    I had sold some jumbos and bought them back, all single flaps for more than I wanted to pay and for much more than I sold them for. :sad:
    I found a single flap beige with gold, old flat CC's with the gold markings. Rare flap. I paid much much more than the original retail. It was worth it to me.

    I would not buy a bag that I loved less because it was cheaper. Unless it is thousands cheaper. lol

    First decide which one you want, then set your budget. Yes, it should be cheaper because the last retail for jumbos with single flaps were $2995. But people want to make money on them now.
  9. Single Flap GHW! 1000%.
  10. Thanks! Weight isnt an issue for me. So its more of the hardware and flaps choices.
  11. Anyone else care to comment? :smile:
  12. You need to consider two things:

    1) Which design is best, single flap which is lighter or double flap which is heavier but more structured

    2) Silver or gold hardware, choose which one will go best with the jewellery you currently own.

    I once owned a vintage jumbo xl in black lambskin with gold hardware but sold it as I always wear silver!

    If the two above choices dont exactly match either of the bags available, I would wait or if you are desperate on buying one, then choose the one which hardware matches you best.
  13. single flap with ghw! Since it is caviar and in beige clare, it is made in the old rigid caviar which maintains its shape very well. My single flap holds much more than the double flap so that is one consideration also.
  14. Beige looks beautiful with gold hw! :smile:
  15. Ghw