Chanel newbie!! need help!

  1. hey guys,

    I'm a newbie - I have a couple of pictures of prospective bags that i really really like!!!

    Could you guys tell me

    1) what they are called?


    2) how much they cost?

    Thanks soo much guyss!!! love u all!!
    12581052myshowercurtain27200784819P.jpg 12641505myshowercurtain214200714537.jpg celebs-wags-03.jpg nicchanel2.jpg chanelcharlotte3.jpg
  2. 2 and 5 appear to be the GST - Grand Shopping Tote
    or some call it the Grand Shopper Tote.

    I have 3 and 1 more on the way. Paid $1750.00 for caviar leather, but the price has increased to $1850 or 1895 I do believe.
  3. thanks purrfect!
  4. 1 and 3 is the Medallion Tote-white in particular is fabulous don't know about recent prices though!Better check it up in the Library!:smile:
  5. i love them both! either one you decide on will be perfect.
  6. But don't forget, as soon as you come home with your new Chanel post pics!!
  7. 4 is pretty similar to the GST with one major design difference: the handler doesn't have the piece of leather. I believe it's slightly more expensive than the GST.
  8. thought #4 is vintage. Is it not?
  9. Photo #1 Medallion Tote in Black
    Photo #2 Grand Shopping Tote (GST) in White, Silver Hardware
    Photo #3 Medallion Tote in White
    Photo #4 Large Size Timeless Tote? in Black,
    Photo #5 Grand Shopping Tote (GST) in Black
  10. I was looking at #5 as well, and it goes for $1895.