chanel newbie... is this bag still in available?

  1. It's the square box tote Vintage Ligne... I think- I absolutely fell in love with this bag and I saw a larger one in the reference section. What size or dimensions does the larger one have?

    Any info, advice, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I will be going to NY at the end of the month too, so I'm wondering if I'll have any luck there-

    Thanks ladies!!
  2. Hi Bleujay!

    The Vintage Ligne is really gorgeous, but unfortunately, no longer available. Pieces pop up on eBay every now and then, so your best bet is to check there and have it authenticated in the Authenticate This Chanel thread.

    I'm awaiting the flap duffel tote that I won on eBay over the holidays, myself, so they can be found and you're certainly not alone in wanting one after they're gone! Good luck!
  3. Thanks bulletproofsoul!! I'm so bummed I missed out on it... Has it been gone for a long time? or were they all just sold recently in the sale at the end of the year?

    I'll just keep checking eBay then-

    thanks again!
  4. they sold out pretty soon after being debuted - close to a year now, never had a chance to go on sale.
  5. I love this bag! In fact, I love the whole line...tote, three zippered compartment bag(?), trapezoid bag. I'm still searching too. Good luck!
  6. I have this bag in dark gray. I found a black one in a Chanel boutique about 6 months ago but I deciced not to buy it. I got mine off EBay, which is probably your best bet at this point. It's a great bag and has proven to be very durable so far. I use it as my every day bag. My only complaint is that the handles are a little on the heavy side and they tend to slide off my shoulder. Good luck to you!