Chanel newbie in need of your expertise please

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I have always been a Louis Vuitton girl but a few on trend bags from the likes of Fendi, Chloe, YSL thrown in to the mix for fun. I have been thinking about a Chanel to add to my collection on and off for a while now and thought I knew what I wanted until I went to actually buy it and realised I am so confused! Please help a Chanel newbie. I thought I was after a Jumbo XL Flap. I thought they were no longer made and I would need to purchase second hand. But in looking on malleries I see Maxi Jumbo XL. Are they the same as what I want? Then I saw a Maxi XL Classic 2.55. I think this is different again. I have attached a link of what I am after that I found on a blog a few years ago now. I would really appreciate your expert advice and assistance.

  2. The one you have pictured is a Vintage Jumbo XL and is no longer made. In 2009 , Chanel brought back the Maxi and it had a straight flap like the vintage. It was made with very soft leathers (Caviar & lambskin) and a bit less structured. However by the end of 2009, Chanel changed the Maxi again to what we see today. The "Maxi Jumbo". Just like the name implies, it looks like an overgrown Jumbo with the longer curved flap. Without seeing pictures of the specific ones you also saw on Malleries, I can't tell you exactly if there were any differences in the bags or maybe just the sellers descriptions. But above is basically the 3 types of Maxi's you will see on re-sale sites. HTH.
  3. Thanks for your help lallybelle. These are what I was looking at;

    To be honest I am still a little confused. I am going to research some more, but could you possibly tell me what the two purses above are? So I can get a better understanding. I want to make sure I am happy with what I purchase and I feel like I am not ready to purchase as I don't understand enough.

    Thank you so much!
  4. Those are both also Vintage XL Maxi's. The difference is only the seller's description title's. 255 refers to all Chanel Classic flaps & reissues. It stands for February 1955, when Coco Chanel debuted the first flaps (which was actually the reissue.) You should go through some of the reference threads. There's tons of great info & pics. Have fun picking out your first Chanel!
  5. I also looked at these two;

    I am totally confused :sad: So glad I didn't purchase anything yet.
  6. Thank you so much Lallybelle. I was looking through the threads last night and that made me realise that I was probably looking at the wrong bag. Off to study up!