Chanel Newbie in love with the GST

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  1. And I don't even own one yet! UGH!

    So I am a LV girl. I have collected about 7 or 8 LV . But I must admit that my LV love is waning. I have all of the LV bags I want.

    Which brought me to this forum and OMG! Where the heck have I been?!!!!! I've been browsing this forum for about a week or so posting here and there until I found a bag I really wanted to see in person so I went to the Chanel boutique at Saks on Sunday looking for a bag in one of the threads here asking for the name of a bag. While there I saw the most beautiful bag ever! :nuts: I asked what it was and the sales associate told me....


    EEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I said...I'll take it! :yes:But do you have it with silver chains???:confused1:

    To my dismay, NO. In fact NO ONE does! They are sold out until at the earliest late February.:crybaby::crybaby:

    A very nice member here tried to help me but I totally screwed up and now I must wait. This will be a looooong wait so I decided to make this post so hopefully people can help me through it. I've NEVER wanted a bag this bad...ever.

    Oh well...Glad I ventured over :smile:
  2. Don't give up yet......:crybaby::sad: may turn to :woohoo::yahoo::heart:H
  3. You never know what might show up ... and you can always check eBay to see if one might show up there. I am patiently (ok, maybe not so patiently) waiting for my chocolate brown GST with silver hardware. It's supposed to be shipped this week. Can't wait!! You're right ... it is a gorgeous bag! I know what you mean about needing it RIGHT NOW!

    I hope one shows up sooner than later for you. :smile:
  4. It is a great bag. Just keep the faith. You will get it.
  5. Thank you soooooo much!!!! YOU ROCK! :wlae:

    I actually called about 10 stores today myself...LOL They bout laughed at me....NO! We don't have any:sad:
  6. Thanks everyone :smile:
  7. Hmmmmm I'm pretty sure the one at my Saks had a chocolate brown one with silver hardware. I decided against it b/c I needed a black bag.

    Congrats on finding your bag!:yahoo:
  8. I love the GST!. I have it in black but I actually prefer it with gold hardware. It tends to go in and out of stock. I would not worry -- I'm sure they will have a lot of the bags back in stock soon. If you prefer silver hardware then definitely wait to get what you want. A fantastic choice!!!
  9. I had to wait for mine as well, although mine's with gold HW (they were all sold out in Canada at the time) and I didn't have to wait half as long as you (only two weeks or so) but you can do it! Waiting makes the bag much more special when you actually get it! You'll love it!
  10. *wave* Hi jazz from LV!! I have my GST in white w/SH & PST in black w/GH and they are really good totes. Are you looking for Black?
  11. i know there are beige, white and brown GSTs available.... I just got my Black GST w/Gold yesterday. I think it was the LAST one in the system. I called just about everywehre and found it in the Saks Santa Barbara, so I had it overnighted to NYC. :smile: Jazz, wait for what you want.. But, the brown is very nice too.
  12. Sorry I'm late responding....just back home from work were I just found out I will be traveling to Japan again in March....So now I REALLY want my bag before then:yes:

    I am looking for the black with silver hardware.
  13. I walked around the boutique with the black one with gold hardware and I wanted one sooo bad I almost purchased it but I knew I would regret it because I really - REALLY want the silver.

    Thanks for your support!:tup:
  14. I turned down the GST black with sliver chain two weeks ago and I live in deep regret. My SA said new stock is due anytime, will not make that mistake again!:sweatdrop:
  15. I called my SA today just to make sure I was still on the list...LOL She tried to talk me into another "similar" bag:push: NOT!:tdown: