Chanel newbie here

  1. Hi,

    I'm new to Chanel and I have one question: when do the Spring/Summer collections usually get released?

  2. Hello and welcome. Cruise 2018 is just now being released in the US. Europe is a bit later. The list below should help you.

    C = Cruise; usually deliver Nov - Jan
    P = Printemp (spring in French); spring act 1; usually deliver Jan to Mar
    S = Summer; spring act 2; usually deliver Mar to Jun
    A = Autumn; pre-fall; usually deliver May to Sep
    B = fall/winter act 1; Jun to Oct
    K = fall/winter act 2; Aug to Nov
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  3. This was a big help! Thank you!
  4. :drinks:Welcome MK1997, hope you enjoy it here!
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