Chanel newbie here...

  1. Hey girls, I usually hang out in the LV and B-bag sub-forums until I decided to venture out to the Chanel section (finally) especially after seeing all those gorgeous pictures of you guys modeling off your Chanel bags. :P So I'm thinking of considering adding a Chanel bag (later this year) into my collection. What is a great starter bag you can recommend to me? :graucho: I prefer a black Chanel; no totes style; and not ready for the reissue yet (please don't kill me :wtf:). So... ?? :jammin:

    And is there a great site that provides good Chanel bags info? :shrugs:
  2. Welcome, good to have you. I have to advise you that once you buy Chanel you wont go back to Vuitton (just kidding). I would recomend the reporter bag black/black. Is it still avail. girls?
  3. hi irissy...welcome to the chanel obsession. can look at for pics of different chanel bags.
  4. Isn't the reporter bag that HUGE bag I seen Avail carried? I think that's way too big on me but it is a beauty. :shame:

    Come on... convert me into Chanel!! :graucho:
  5. Oohh.. pretty... I'll definitely check that out! :girlsigh: Thanks! :flowers:
  6. How long has the reporter bag been out? There's too many fakes for the reporter bag where I live, which is why I was kinda having second thoughts about it ... I'm also looking to buy my first Chanel bag so I'll definitely keep watching this thread ... :biggrin:
  7. Yay... now I got a newbie sista on my side!! :supacool:
  8. Welcome to Chanel obsession Irissy :love: You'll love it :graucho:
  9. Thanks! :smile: I know I'm entering into dangerous territory... :Push:
  10. Whoa... that's such a hot hot bag for a swanky mama!!! :love:
  11. I am a newbie to Chanel too Irissy who is an LV girl, let's see if they can convert us! LOL
  12. Yay... another newbie sista!! Join the club! :jammin:
  13. I am voting for chanel bowler bag....I love mine and it's not too big :smile:
  14. I think a good starter chanel is the classic flap bag in caviar. You can never go wrong with it. That is what got hooked me into chanel and my very first chanel bag.