Chanel Newbie Here

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  1. Hello ladies!!I've been a diehard LV and Dior fan, but now I feel it is time to move up. I live in a city where Chanel doesnt have a boutique so there are alot of questions that I hope the experts can help me with. One of them is Chanel durable? Does it develop watermarks like some of the LVs?
    I'm trying to decide between the large cambon tote, the east/west flap and the classic flap with the interlocking c's. Does anyone know how much they cost after the recent price hike? And how much can each fit? I also would like to know besides the price difference between the east/west flap and the classic flap what differentiates the two...and lastly how much does the small classic cost? I know I've asked too many questions, but I want to make an informed decision and Chanel costs sooooo much :sad:. I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out!! TIA!!
  2. the E/W flap costs 1795.00 for caviar and the medium/large classic flap costs
    2395.00 for caviar. The E/W holds a little more because it dosen't have the double flap like the medium/large does. The large cambron tote nowcosts 1995.00 hope this helps
  3. hey welcome!! hope to see you around, and I think keodi answered your question.
  4. Welcome to the Chanel party!

    I also am a diehard LV fan and am sort of a newbie to Chanel.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome and for the information. This really helps. I'd really would like to know how much is the small classic?
  6. Welcome!
  7. There is also a Mini flap that I own, I did a post about how roomy it is, try to look for "how a mini flap can hold" or something like that, hope it helps.
    (for bigger flap sorry I can't help)
  8. I need to get out of here :sweatdrop: I am too tempted
    I am too tempted. See ya in a year when I save for my new Chanel.
  9. Welcome! I don't think anyone has answered the question about water marks, but caviar is the most durable, resistant leather. Lambskin is very delicate and water will permanently mark it. So whatever you choose as far as size/style, caviar is your best bet if you want durability! (But lambskin is TDF!!)