Chanel Newbie of this bag?

  1. I've been lurking around my NM boutique and found this one...could be #1 for me...any input? I believe it was $2650 or thereabouts.

    It's the bag on the left. The one that I tried on was listed as "Classic Small Flap Tote" and I believe this pic shows the large size.

    Thanks so much! Argh, like I need another addiciton.
    shiny grained calfskin tote.JPG
  2. I love both of those bags! Anybody know price of the smaller one?
  3. That's the Pocket in the City, very beautiful, go for it! :tup:
  4. whoops it pays to look at the trunk show pics...the one on the left's called Pocket in the City (per Roey's thread here)

    hmmm looking at that pic, though, the one that I tried on was slightly different. no quilting along the sides, and two flap details along the bottom. The sides were more accordion-pleated too.
  5. well whichever one it is, I think I may! LOL.

  6. snibor...I just found these bags in CHANELboy's trunk show post

    [​IMG] Re: Nordstrom Mall of America Trunk Show
    The next collection is called "Pocket in the City." It is made of a polished caviar leather that is GORGEOUS! There are three styles that will be available at Nordstrom in dark brown (almost bordeux) and dark grey (more dark brown). The three sizes retail for $1795, $2650, and $2995.
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