Chanel Newbie Collection

  1. Hi Guys, i post from time to time on chanel but mainly im in other forums.. However im now a chanel addict!!!! i got my first chanel in June of this yr (vinyl) and now im OBSESSED!!

    please see my latest goodies..

    black Jumbo flap with SHW
    PNY Expandable in off white

    LOVE THEM BOTH!!! am sooooo scared baout getting it dirty can anyone tell me recoomendations about how to keep it clean or what to clean it with?

    Then a pic of chanel family i have a precious symbols card holder too but its not pictured.. enjoy!!
    02102007364.jpg 02102007360.jpg 02102007361.jpg 02102007363.jpg 02102007365.jpg
  2. Love your collection... :heart: especially your white expandable flap :flowers: Congrats! :love:

    About cleaning the leather, I'm not really sure how to do it, sorry no help here :push: , anyway others tPFers sure would help you on that issue. :yes: Good luck :tup:
  3. Welcome to the dark side... Bohahahahahahaha:graucho:!! (read: you caught Chanel-bug)

    oh well.. I saw you're been working 'hard'.. 4 great bags & you call yourself newbie? Hmm.. *coughYouhavemoreChanelthanIamcough*
  4. wow, it's a great 'start'! hahaha you have all the fab chanels for a newbie! is your white expandable from paris new york collection? love it!

  5. ^ yup its the PNY i love it but the color is scary to me
  6. congrats on your "starters" and I'm loving the clutch!!
  7. [​IMG]


    Congrats...welcome to the chanel family:heart:

    Nice family collection ur timeless clutch and the jumbo flap bag:love:
  8. great collection!!! Loving the white expandable.
  9. Thanks!!^

    thanks C you know how long ive been wanting one too!! teehee
  10. They' re beautiful!:drool:Congrats on your new ...addiction!hehe!;):yes:
  11. Baby boo, I love the off white expandable is also one of my faves, but mine is black. so no maintance. Thanks for sharing. Love the purple couch. I have one in my room too.:tup:
  12. You have already a really great Chanel Collection, congrats!
  13. Very pretty collection! I LOVE the PNY expandables a lot more than the new expandables, its so pretty!
  14. Wowser Baby Boo, your collection is gorgeous already :biggrin:

    Congrats! and welcome over to the Chanel Fold ;)
  15. You picked some great bags, congrats!