chanel newbie - can you help me with this?

  1. [​IMG]

    i've never really liked chanel, thinking that it's really too formal for me. but as soon as i saw this i absolutely fell in love!

    is this one called a classic flap? what size? and the name of the color? oh and i guess i'd like to know the price too i know it's around $1500 but am not sure.

    thank you so much!
  2. It's actually the E/W Flap, I don't think the E/W in this style come in different sizes currently{?}
    Some members have this exact bag, if you do a search I bet you'll find the price, the color is violet I believe.
    My NM currently has this and this same color in the actual Classic Flap which will be a little bigger, my store also has it in black and light blue.
  3. Swanky: The east west comes in one size only. It's actually the single flap, single strap bag.

    I believe the one in the picture is a classic flap. THey have it in the medium and the jumbo as the east west is only again single strap. The other Pf-ers should be able to tell you the price on this. Refer to this link to see whether you have any luck.
  4. i definitely want two straps so no east west for me then! thank you!
  5. It's look like a medium classic. She is wearing as single strap (the other end is lying flat above the flap. THe price is $1500 something. THere is a thread on this. Maybe you should search on "purple classic" for more detail.
  6. its the medium classic flap! she shorten one side to use it as a longg single strap! price 1595 for caviar and more for lambskin....
  7. thank you ladies!
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