Chanel New Reissue Picture?

  1. I saw this in the Marie Claire magazine last night, I am assuming it is the new reissue that's coming out in the summer, the black with the silver toned chain. I think it is beautiful.
  2. OOoohhhhh! It's very nice! Thanks so much for the photo.
  3. i wish her arm wasn't covering it up.... is that a metallic black?
  4. ooh.. very nice... is the leather the same as the previous reissue? what's different about this one?
  5. I was told it's just like the anniversary reissue bag, distressed calfskin.
  6. Yes to first, this time is silver toned chain instead of gold.
  7. Thanks for posting savannah912! This looks great! I can't wait!
  8. I like it :love: I love the black/silver combo.
  9. Does anyone know if the lining on this bag will also be the red/burgundy leather?
  10. I believe so.
  11. That is beauuuutiful!!! I really like the black with the silver chain. I more of a silver girl than gold. Unfortunately, a Chanel is not in the near future for me. haha :cry:
  12. Thanks for posting the picture. I wonder what the bronze looks like?
  13. I love it! Would it be bad to buy t his even tho I have the medium caviar leather with black leather/silver chain too? Can I justify it with the JUMBO? =D
  14. Ok, I don't want to cause a stampede--but I wanted to share some info. I called my local Chanel store to get on their list. They called me back and told me that my info was going to the NY store.

    Apparently the black with silver hardware version of the Reissue is ONLY being released to the NY store. I don't know how true that is, but that's the current status. So if you're really interested, it's best to give the NY boutique a call.
  15. If you have the medium caviar, you should go for the 227 large reissue. I think they look totally diff in my opinion. The clasp and leather and even chain create a totally different look!

    Sorry to be an enabler!:P