Chanel new bag sightings at Bal harbour store

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  1. first of all, thank god PF is up!! i was really having withdrawal! LOL am so addicted! i have 2 days off from work, so today spent the day wandering around Bal Harbour shops (and then later haunting Chanel at NM and Saks back home in Boca). first of all, i must say that I checked out the new gold/meshy bags (cant remember the names - so gorgeous,,,omg. and then they had a big shoulder tote bag, squishy, with the silver buttons all over it. $4,150 i think. I went slightly nuts 'cause thought it was only in the real small classic flap ( i dont do small bags), and now that i know its in the large size, its like torture..............:drool: because the price is out of the question. The coral big cloth quilted flap, with gold h/w and accordian sides, is so gorgeous i almost started talking in tongues, i kid you not. gorgeous! the quilted pattern, the SA told me, is made to resemble reptile skin. its over $3,000. in this yummy coral color

    then traded some text messages with Jill - you can imagine the subject matter!!!!!! hehe
  2. AW! I don't think Chanel Ala Moana has gotten any of those bags in yet. Or at least I didn't see the last week. I wonder when we're getting in the rest of the cruise ligne... Those prices are jawdropping!
  3. WAH!!!I wanna see the new bags!LOL!
  4. me too!!!