Chanel @ Neiman Marcus

  1. Hi everyone,

    I don't know much about Chanel purses, but I think I'm ready to join the I love Chanel club :biggrin:. I've been browsing this sub-forum for awhile, and I remember reading somewhere (can't find the thread now) that Chanel purses are cheaper at Neiman Marcus. Does anyone know if this is true. Does anyone know if you open a Neiman credit card, you can get discount? Any info will be greatly appreaciated. Thank you
  2. Hi.. I dont think they give you the percentage off discount when you get a card, but they do have a reward program where you get to choose some free stuff once you meet a certain point value - Incircle rewards (and sometimes they have a double point promotion).

    Where I live they also have a Neiman Marcus outlet store (Neiman Marcus Last Call) and if you use your card you get 5% taken off the item. It sounds like a little, but it does help if you end up buying a Chanel bag
  3. ^ what she said!
    yes, someone posted that the Chanel boutique was $25+ on a prooduct than it was at NMs.
  4. Thanks for the info, guys. I'm really considering getting Neiman Marcus card. I like cards with rewards :love:
  5. Although you were asking about NM, but in case you are interested, Saks does offer 10% off Chanel when you open a Saks card.
  6. if you plan to shop lots at NM, then its good to get the card... points equal fun stuff!
  7. Really? Hmm.. I think I'm going to have to stop by both Saks and NM before I make a purchase.

    I love this Forum, I learn new things everyday :yahoo:Yeah for Purse Forum!!
  8. My Saks doesn't carry Chanel or Louis Vuitton, but I think that's because the Neimans (in the same mall) does carry both.

    My Saks carries Jimmy Choo but not Manolo, and the Neimans carries Manolo but not Choo. They must have some policy about not carrying the same designers?

    I have the NM black card so I get double InCircle points everytime I charge something.:biggrin: Gotta LOVE those InCircle points.:heart:
  9. It's too bad our Saks doesnt carry Chanel or I wouldnt hesitate for a second to open a Saks card! an additional 10% off a Chanel that is already marked down 30% is quite a bargain!
  10. I think it was me who said the prices were a little less at the Neiman's here in San Francisco than at the Chanel Boutique just around the corner. I don't know if that is the same for ALL Neiman's vs. Chanel boutiques around the country so don't quote me on that....also, when you use your Neiman's card you get points and DOUBLE points on certain "double points" days. It's a pretty good deal!!!!
  11. No, you don't get any % off on Chanel if you open a NM card...I opened one about a week ago. You do, however, get a giftcard in the mail after you make your first purchase and a candle (it smells GOOD!)!
  13. The reason why it may be cheaper at Neiman Marcus is that IF you do not have a Neiman Marcus store in your state, then they do not charge a sales tax if you order from them.
  14. I am heading to Chicago next week can anyone tell me which department stores in Chicago carry Chanel?
  15. Neiman's. There is also a Chanel boutique.