Chanel Neiman Marcus Scottsdale

  1. Today, I bought my first Chanel, and my SA Rita Rohberg was the nicest lady ever. If you are in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area, don't ever hesitate to stop by the NM Chanel counter. She took her time with me as I pondered over which bag to purchase.

    Also, she showed me a one-of-a-kind bag, which I don't think I can describe very accurately. I am new to the Chanel world, so I'm not up to par yet with the jargon.

    Feel free to call her: Rita at 480-990-2100

    I'll take pics of my bag at a later time. :smile:

  2. What did you get?
  3. I can't wait! I was just at that Chanel last week!
  4. i'll post pics tonight. i had such a stressful week at the hospital; i'm working like 80 hrs a week. i'm a resident. anyway, i'll do it after i'm done from work tonight. :yahoo:

    i am in LOVE with this one. let me know what you think.
  5. Dying to see what you bought! :nuts:
  6. ^I'm dying too! :nuts:
  7. We're dying here!! ;)
  8. Here it is, gals! I apologize for the pic of me wearing the purse. The mirror was dusty, so the picture doesn't look so clear. Also, I am NOT pregnant, though it may look that way. haha! Let me know what you think....


    resized img chanel 001.jpg resized img chanel 002.jpg resized img chanel 003.jpg resized img chanel 004.jpg resized img chanel 005.jpg
  9. Beautiful! The leather looks so nice n soft...congrats on your first Chanel...I just recently got my first Chanel as well and it's a growing addiction...I just keep wanting more and more!

  10. thanks, nakobear! i've never been so in love with a bag before. i've had LV, gucci, chloe, but nothing else makes me so happy other than this new chanel bag.

  11. Nice bag...congrats...can you also tell me what is that bag called? tia
  12. Congrats! It's gorgeous, looks great on you.
  13. Super cute and it looks great on you :smile:
  14. nice- looks so good on you !!!
  15. thanks. it looks kinda bulky b/c i hadn't taken out the stuffing. :roflmfao:since i work so much, i haven't even used it. it's still in the box, but i think i'll take start wearing it today. i'm so happy.

    thanks for all your comments.