Chanel necklace!

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  1. Hi ladies I was a local boutique by my house and they had this Chanel necklace I'm obsessing over!! So a lot of Chanel pieces they have are repurposed pieces but this one I'm looking at isn't. I want to know if you ladies think it's worth it or not? She's asking $345 for it not sure if I should splurge and buy it or not. What do you think? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459952411.962870.jpg
  2. If authentic, yes!
  3. Yes I looked at the back of the Chanel piece and it's stamped. Is there any other way to know it's authentic?
  4. At that price point I'd highly doubt it's authentic. The pearl necklaces usually run $1300+!

  5. That's what I'm afraid of. But with it being stamped on the back of the Chanel piece does that mean nothing? She said that these pieces are repurposed and the pieces come from the Chanel warehouse outlet the lady that owns the company her mother used to work for Chanel or something i don't think I told that story right lol....but something like that. The lady that owns the boutique has 2 boutiques in New York and she said there she charges much more cause well it's New York people will spend that money. But here in Illinois she tries to keep the prices affordable and not to high for the store. Idk if she's lying to me haha but I've been shopping with her for 7yrs+ so I'm not a stranger costumer.
  6. The only way to be sure is to snap more photos and get it authenticated.

  7. Oh ok.. Is there any other stamps on Chanel necklace or how the clasp looks etc..
  8. Stamping can be fake easily too... must say the price point and story on different pricing is a bit hard to swallow for me since you can easily post that necklace (if authentic) on the internet and location neutral (new York or not) easily for over $1000...
  9. I take repurposed to mean that the CC is real Chanel and the pearls are from somewhere else-they could even stick a Chanel hangtag on there. TBH, for this price it wouldn't bother me if the CC's are real.... $345 is pretty reasonable.

    I just bought a few vintage strands of pearls at the thrift store and clip my Chanel pins onto it sometimes-it's about the same thing....
  10. I'd get it authenticated first!

    Please keep in mind forum rules as we don't discuss authentication details here.

    If you need jewelry authentication, please post to jewelry forum.
  11. It sounds very similar to one of the stories told by superfake Chanel handbag sellers... "oh the hardware on the bag I am selling is from the factory that supplies to Chanel. You are getting such a good deal buying from me at a lower price instead of buying from Chanel boutiques or departmental stores."
  12. I have a few smaller boutiques here who have someone who makes jewelry from broken Chanel pieces. She will scoop up broken pieces and remake them. They are still expensive, but pretty. I like the necklace you show because it looks like something Chanel would do-it's not a totally out there piece.

    But for that price I wouldn't believe it's real. I buy alot of jewelry and the fakes have gotten really good with all the details. Buy it if you love it-it's a ok price, but don't buy it thinking it's the real deal in all ways. I would want to at least know the CC on it was real, if it's not, than it's overpriced. No way would I want a fake CC attached to a strand of pearls.

    Can you get photo's of the CC and try to get them looked at in the jewelry thread?
  13. I'm going to go back to the boutique tomorrow I'll take more photos to put in the jewelry thread to see what they say. Idk the story sounds kinda off to me. But not sure I would hope she wouldn't lie to me being that I've been shopping there for years