chanel necklace?

  1. yes, they do.
    i believe it's $195?
    or around..
    it's very pretty :yes:
  2. wow really? i thought it would be more considering it's chanel! thank you... does anybody have this? is it as pretty as it is in pictures? lol
  3. that necklace is cute!
    yes, there is some relatively affordable chanel costume jewelry pieces... though for what it is, if you think about it, it's kinda overpriced. but what the heck, it's chanel!! :heart:
  4. Ditto!:flowers:
  5. I have the matching earrings and I posted pictures yesterday.
  6. I think $195 is quite cheap, considering some of the fake pearl necklaces are, like $500 and more...

    I think I might have to make yet another purchase!
    Or maybe i could haave it as a present for passing 10 exams with the top grade - that would be better for my bank balance!