Chanel Necklace What Color Should I get???? "PICS"

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  1. I fell in LOVE with this piece and asked my SA to find me it.
    SHE FOUND IT..THEN she asked what color:rolleyes:
    Gray or Gold
    Since I can't see it in person and NEVER did I am not sure..
    Can you girls MAYBE help me on the color...
    I wear jeans ALOT and change my jewelry (white / yellow gold)
    I want something that can go with EVERYTHING..
    Thank You:heart:
  2. Love that necklace! Both colors are nice. I think gold is more eye catching so I would choose gold. Btw, may I ask what's the price tag?
  3. WOW! I love it!Id get the white one
  4. ooo...i like it i want one!!! where are they available? how much?
  5. Gold
  6. Thanks Girls
    Cost $595.00 (NOT BAD )
    I am still not sure what color...I have to let her know tomorrow PLUS its triple points at Saks tomorrow...
    I'm thinking the pearls are white...and the Metal parts are gold or gray..( NOW I'm wondering if the pearls ITSELF are gold or gray in color)...If anyone knows PLEASE let me know...
  7. white is probably more versatile, and can go a bit understated when you don't want to be super-glam, 'cause this is one statement-making necklace!
    Price really isn't bad at all.
    Are the pearls quality pearls or are they "costume" ones?
  8. wow those are gorgeous!

    and I do like gray better :smile:

    I think it's costume? my mother has a few pieces and she told me it's all costume.
  9. YES Costume pearls..
  10. It's beautiful. I love it!
  11. Yeah, I agree. The gold is more eyecatching, but both colors are marvelous.
  12. I haven't seen this before, but probably would get the gold. Very chic.
  13. Love this necklace! Something for my wishlist! What is the style number on this? I need to make inquiries!!!!!!
  14. I'm trying to find this necklace! Can anyone help me with the style number and/or price, or any information. PLEEEEEEEEAAAAASE!
  15. What a fabulous necklace! I'd definitely get it in grey.