Chanel necklace question...

  1. [​IMG]Has anyone seen this necklace/belt around? The charmed one with the pearls...


  2. it's very pretty! The only place I've personally seen it is on eBay.
  3. i think that's actually two necklaces strung together... the black CC one is a belt/necklace and the pearl necklace i saw last year in a Chanel boutique.
  4. right...the seller is only selling the black CC one right now...but i wanted to find the pearl one with charms...if anyone has it--can they give me the style number please?

  5. Wow, that's hot!!
  6. I love that combo. You may find it on the eBay but it'll be pricy.
  7. i've seen this IRL and it is to die for!!

    alouette: did you happen to remember the price of it on eBay?
    i have heard that it is ridiculously expensive, but imo worth it!
  8. this is hot as a belt and also as a necklace
  9. Aah I love them:smile:
  10. ^^ahhh i havent seen this necklace (the one with all the charms hanging off it) in a long while now--has anyone else spotted this?

  11. I've seen it sell on eBay. It went for nearly $3,000. It's very coveted.
  12. so pretty! not ever seen it before.
  13. this was seen on Anne Hathaway in Devil wears Prada, that is why it is so COVETED! it is terribly HTF, i was offered this necklace and it was so expensive i couldn't bear to part my moola to get it and now i'm kicking myself for being 'rational' lol. it's called the Paris Charms necklace or something. totally love it!
  14. ^^^ ohhh if anyone sees it on ebay or somewhere PLEASE let me know =)

  15. I've been looking too! It's really beautiful. I think it was released in 2005, so it's really hard to get a hold of! So gorgeous!!!! :drool: