Chanel near Raleigh?

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  1. Is there a Chanel boutique near Raleigh, NC? I'm not sure I can wait until the next time I go to Orlando because the day I left I saw some girl with this cute little Chanel satchel looking handbag and now I want one O_o I'm so bad, I don't even have the money (as of yet ;]), but I just want to browse oh so badly!
  2. Isn't there a Lord & Taylor there? I *think* they carry some Chanel{?}
  3. Yes, there is! YAY! Thanks Swanky [sigh] I remember seeing a Lord & Taylor in Orlando and I was afraid that's the one you meant since I mentioned Orlando, lol. But Google search and Bam! There it is :]
  4. Woohoo! Don't foget me this Christmas! ;)
  5. BTW, I love your avatar - you're such a pretty girl! :smile:
  6. Have you tried looking in Saks? I could've sworn there is a Saks in Raleigh or Durham.

    Also- Charlotte is much closer than Orlando. The Neiman Marcus will have some bags from Chanel.
  7. AW! Thanks Swanky! You and your family are beautiful :]
  8. Yep! There's a Saks nearby Raleigh. The thing about Charlotte is I'm going to be traveling there a lot from now on. Last time I went, around the end of my trip I found a Chanel boutique in the Mall of Millenia, so that's good lol.