Chanel Naked Bag

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  1. a friend sent me this picture. What do you ladies think?
    I like the chain but the style is definitely not for me. I'm thinking it may appeal to some, though.

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  2. This was from last summer. I have the naked pumps in black patent, and I like them a lot, but now they are feeling too summery to wear. I don't think I would want a clear bag like that from any designer, but others like it. My purses are messy.
  3. Makes sense. It's definitely a summer-type bag. I just hadn't seen it before and someone sent me a picture.
    Reminds me of a few years back when everyone was buying jelly Kellys
  4. This bag has grown on me. Theres a member in this forum who posted a BEAUTIFUL picture of hers, with gold accessories inside, let me tell you, it was TDF, that's how good it looked!
  5. It's only for summers. I bet the real price is much higher than the way it looks.
  6. I certainly can't imagine carrying it for winter. It's clearly a seasonal thing but maybe it's being offered here because I'm in a warm-all-year-round climate? Anyway, it's over $1000:P
  7. Might serve as a good expensive Chanel raincoat of sorts for your flaps. :P
  8. Now THAT is a good idea:P
  9. Honestly, and no offense to others' opinions...i think this bag is way too trendy. For the price of chanel bags, I'd go for the real classics. Thanks!
  10. Actually I didn't expect any more comments after hearing that this bag was released in the summer and therefore old news. I totally agree with you, though. This is the kind of bag for someone who has TONS of Chanel. If I were paying that much, I'd rather get something that I could pass on to my daughter or at least resell later on.