Chanel Nailpolish

  1. Just got back from Nordstroms with their new colors. white ceramic, black ceramic, and madness which is like a chocolate. The SA told me there are waitlists. So if anyone is interested....
  2. The colors are on
  3. Noir Ceramic is only in the slightest more shimmery than Black Satin.
  4. They had several at Macy's in Ann Arbor so you could try the site if you wanted to order some girls.
  5. Thanks! I just bought 2 bottles of Noir Ceramic from; I just love black nail polish! :smile:
  6. I went on on the 18th and saw the noir ceramic. And I'm not kidding in less than 12 hours they were gone :wtf: !!! Luckily I got one on :sweatdrop: .
  7. the chanel on 57th street still has it! (black ceramic)