Chanel Nail Polishes

  1. I love my Chanel nail polishes. Whenever I have them on, it looks like I got a manicure done and they don't chip.
    However, applying different colours for about 6 weeks straight (changing them every week or so), my nails have become very brittle and kept chipping.
    I had to stop applying them and tried using nail hardeners to keep my nails from peeling off. In the end that didn't help and I had to cut all my nails off (I hate the feeling of not having any finger nails at all).
    Has anyone else had this problem with Chanel nail polishes? I've tried without a base coat and with a base coat and the nail polishes still make my nails peel.
  2. It's a problem with all brands of nail polish, you shouldn't wear polish continuously for too many weeks. Usually I'll give my nails rest 2 days a week without any coating. It just gives them time to "detox".
  3. I wear polish all the time and never had problems with my nails peeling until I was wearing Chanel's blanc ceramic on a regular basis this summer. As much as I like Chanel's colors, I think their polish is terrible quality. It chips so easily on me, and I think in the process takes off a thin layer of nail each time. (never had this issue before, and my diet hadn't changed). Chanel chips for me after a day even with my HG Seche Vite topcoat.
  4. my mother use to tell me to eat Jello for stronger nails. not sure if that helps but anyway.

    I like to take my nail polishes with me to the salon when I get my nails done. i can never do it as good as they do.
  5. ^^ I actually have really strong nails to begin with and the Chanel nail polishes have been what's causing my nails to chip.
    Let me try the Jello though. I love eating it. Hehe.
  6. Knox Gelatin is suppposively what makes your nails stronger. It is sold in packets. My friend used to mix it with water and drink it which improved her nails, if you can get it down. It's gross, and I wouldn't recommened it. I try not to use chanel polish too much, it's really harsh on nails.