Chanel Nail Polish

  1. Just a heads up-i ordered the new color, Allegoria, its a pale flesh,pink tone, from NM . It looks like a wonderful color for the summer.If anyone's interested, SPRING7 FOR FREE SHIPPING TIL 3/31/07.
  2. Oooo..sounds pretty- I am gonna go check it out!
  3. I love Chanel polish. I noticed a pearlized black and a pearlized white in the Saks website. Anyone seen this up close? I got Beige d'Or last december. I absoloutely love the light shimmery color!
  4. I have the black which is called noir ceramic it is a black gray with lots of micro glitter in it- very pretty- not as dark as the black satin, but I love it!
    The white is called blanc ceramic and is a very sheer pearly white- I tried it at the counter, and you have to put on a couple of coats to make it opaque. Very pretty too but I passed on it since it was like so many other sheer pearly whites that I have seen- nothing outstanding imo but pretty nonetheless.
  5. What other pearly whites have you seen in Chanel?

    The problem I usually encounter with the colors is that it's sold out quickly and they never get any new ones soon enough!

    They brought out Black Satin and it sold out and they didn't get any new ones. Now we're on the new S/S line.

    I know there are a few colors out here that I don't think are in the US (live in Asia and there are always a few colors that Chanel creates that is especially for the Japan/Asia market). I'll check it out today and report back.
  6. Labag, is it a sheer color?
  7. I got Chanel polish in Holographic. It was some special box set that came with a base coat. Didn't see this online...
  8. I haven't received it yet, looks pretty sheer though. Should get it this weekend, and will let ya know.
  9. What is the color like?
  10. It's looks to me like you took a disco ball, crushed it and made it into polish. :girlsigh:
  11. Oooo!:love: Where did you buy it? I think I must have it now lol.:nuts:
  12. i called my Chanel cosmetics in Macy's, and they said they have never received any, and it's only for "Made in France" version, meaning Europe and Asia market.
  13. Maybe you can get it through online department stores that are European or Asian? I'll look around...