Chanel Nail Polish

  1. Ok, so I have all the black satins, black ceramics, vamp, blanc ceramic, etc. But what is this holographic duo I am seeing and why is it not available here (in the u.s.) supposively?
    I WANT IT!!! Has anyone seen it? I don't want to buy on eBay, I am skeeved by it. HELPPPPPPPPP:nuts:
  2. Is this duo supposed to be new? Sometimes they only put out collections only available in Europe. I've had to get people from Europe pick me up some Chanel items and send it to the US.
  3. They are saying in asia only!! But someone reviewed it from the UK. I need to get it!!!
  4. o i got the holographic one in asia in january. it is amazing. super cool. i didn't know that wasn't released in the states. i should probably stock up when i'm there next!
  5. There is always the new Limited Edition Heatwave!
  6. i've seen the holographic duos at heathrow a few times, even at the airport in helsinki and in stores there come to think of it. but it seems like one of those things that look really cool but that i never really use in the end to me..
  7. umm..I never see the duo in Canada!!
  8. Yeah, the holographic duo is not available in the US. Boohooo...

    Coldplaylover- what is the Heatwave polish you mentioned?
  9. I actually am wearing Heatwave right now. It is a red-orange color and it can be more red or orange depending on what you're wearing. I got a bottle last week and I wasn't sure I liked it on me, but it is now growing on me more. Definitely check it out!
  10. that seems really cool. i'll be sure to look out for it.
  11. Thanks! I'll keep my eye out for that one.:yes:

    I have a new polish called Orange Blossom from the S/S collection which I really like- it is a melon orange color- very cute on toes!
  12. I am jealous! I actually went in looking for Orange Blossom and Orandy (pink) and they were out of both. :crybaby:

    Heatwave is pretty cool. Just be aware that it is REALLY bright so it may take some getting used to! Great beachy/pool or vacation shade though.
  13. Heatwave is more coral than the Orange Blossom. It's fun to wear after months of Noir Ceramic and Black Satin!
  14. I have Organdy too- bright hot pink- love that shade! Hope you find your polishes soon!:yes:
  15. I have had lots of different Chanel polishes over the years (including black and vamp this season). But I have to say that it doesn't wear as well as cheaper (like MAC) polishes. In my experience, it chips much faster.